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JCDecaux Global Shopper Connections 2 offers insight into the shopping habits of international travellers. The Global Shopper 2 blog series explore the buying patterns for 6 product categories. In this 2nd instalment, we delve into the Global Shopper’s buying preferences for Fashion & Clothing.

Fashion & Clothing: Global Shoppers’ favourite purchase

Fashion & Clothing is the most popular shopping category amongst our Global Shoppers. 9 in 10 of them love shopping both at the airport and in the city. For these international travellers, shopping is an integral part of the experience abroad.

Top Fashion Spenders

The study reveals some interesting and unexpected findings on spending habits. For example in terms of general behaviour, Global Shopper 2 shows that men tend to spend more on fashion than women in most countries. And as for cultural trends, Middle-Eastern shoppers, who have a culture of gift-giving, appear to be among the top spenders. Europeans on the other hand, have a more conservative fashion budget.

Global Shoppers from the UAE spend almost twice the average on fashion per trip.

Shopping destinations

Although shopping, in general, is a top activity while travelling, the Global Shopper 2 study demonstrates how international travellers shop for different categories in different environments. Global Shoppers tend to spend 86% of their fashion shopping budget in the city but favour airports for browsing.

Cities are the preferred environment for shopping for fashion &clothing when abroad.

In terms of favourite destinations for shopping for Fashion & Clothing, USA, Europe and Japan are at the top of the list. Cities such as Paris, Mila, Tokyo and New York no doubt attract many Fashion shoppers.

Personal treats and gifts

Shopping habits vary widely depending on the shopper’s origin and cultural nuances influence the Fashion-buying behaviour of our Global Shopper. Generally, whether at the airport or in the city, most European Global Shoppers make Fashion purchases for themselves rather than as a gift. Whereas, Middle Easterners buy fashion items as gifts.

47% of Global Shoppers from the UAE buy fashion for others vs only 10% of Global Shoppers from the UK and France.

Brand Choice and Influence

Global Shopper 2 study highlights how Out-of-Home offers a unique opportunity to communicate with a highly receptive audience. Global Shoppers dedicate time for shopping while travelling and look to Out-of-Home for brand information.

Out of the 70% that notice advertising when abroad, 86% consider Out-of-Home to be a key source of information.

The study reveals that even though frequent Fashion & Clothing shoppers already know what brands they want to purchase, they are still open to influence. Notably, 83% shoppers admit to changing their mind once while in the store.

Overall, 83% are open to influence in the brands they buy.

JCDecaux Global Shopper Connections 2 Infographic: Fashion & Clothing

JCDecaux Global Shopper Connections 2, Fashion & Clothing

About global shopper connections 2

The Global Shopper Connections 2 study spans 12 countries, looking at the habits and motivations of upscale travellers who regularly shop when they travel abroad. The study covers six key purchasing categories: Fashion, Fragrances, Cosmetics, Shoes/Handbags, Sunglasses/Jewellery/Watches, Electronics.
  • Study carried out online, across 12 countries
  • 200 respondents in each country (The UK, France, Germany, Russia, China, Hong Kong, Japan, South Korea, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Brazil, USA)
  • Global sample of 2,400 respondents
  • Focus on high earners, earning at minimum 1.75 times the country’s median monthly household income
  • Regular international travellers: 58% fly 3 or more times per year
  • Shoppers across a range of product categories (whether at home or abroad)
  • Conducted in collaboration with MindSet, a research company with worldwide recognition and expertise in the areas of international travel and retail

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