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Upkeep. An absolute priority.

To beautify the city and offer irreproachable service to city dwellers, tourists and visitors, we are uncompromising with respect to the cleanliness and functionality of our street furniture, no matter where they are installed. Preventive maintenance, regular checks, employee training and strict procedures guarantee unrivalled quality in more than 80 countries. 

JCDecaux has consistently performed in maintenance of their bus queue shelters and has delivered a self- satisfactory experience for the public transport users. Mr. Arvinder Singh Lovely Transport Minister, GNCT of Delhi

Expertise. From design to maintenance.

In order to meet our standards, which are the highest in the industry, we provide all maintenance and upkeep services ourselves. Washing a bus shelter with minimal water or replacing a pane of glass in a few minutes requires real expertise. Our technical teams are an integral part of our business and receive rigorous training. In 2020, they represent more than half of our staff. Their feedback makes it possible for our designers and design department to create street furniture that is increasingly easy to maintain.

MAINTENANCE. Speed efficiency in any environment.

The internal mechanisms of cities and transport hubs hold no secrets for JCDecaux. On the street, in airports, metro stations or shopping centres, we work discreetly, often at night or off-peak hours, while scrupulously following security instructions and procedures. Our goal is to provide maintenance and upkeep without disturbing the day-to-day lives of city dwellers or the operations of our partners. Efficiency, precision and speed are the watchwords for everything we do.

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