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Our street furniture. Harmony and  cleanliness.

High-quality street furniture that fits harmoniously with its environment can make any location look more modern and stylish. That's why we work with top designers, use high-quality materials like glass and steel and regularly create customised product ranges in response to clients’ needs. Keeping our street furniture well-maintained is one of our fundamental values. It ensures that the locations of our street furniture maintain a positive image. Since its creation, JCDecaux has adhered to a very strict maintenance policy. We are renowned for the efficiency, professionalism and responsiveness of our teams on the ground.

Advertising. Premium spaces.

JCDecaux believes in strategically-placed, high-quality advertising. Top advertisers are drawn to JCDecaux’s premium solutions, stylish designs and well-maintained spaces. Experiential and interactive advertising in particular help maintain a unique transport experience and makes waiting more enjoyable. It can also liven up city spaces and shopping centres.

Colour Theory, a computer generated artwork by Jesse Woolston, inspired by “The Starry Night” by Van Gogh, was displayed in Shanghai Pudong International Airport and Hongqiao International Airport.

Dedicated spaces. For stronger impact.

As part of our business, we offer cities, transport authorities and shopping centres the option of using our displays to broadcast their own information or announcements. These dedicated spaces allow them to extend and enhance their campaigns, using their own editorial line and graphic elements, statically, dynamically or interactively, depending on the product.
JCDecaux also helps its partners with the financing and logistics of major events.

Transport systems spread their message
Six examples of the use of advertising spaces by transport companies.

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