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Since 1964, our products have been the benchmark in innovation, quality, aesthetics and functionality. 

JCDecaux - Bus shelter - St Germain - Paris

30 000+ interactive displays

have been installed worldwide in 2021

JCDecaux - Infoscreen - Bus screen

Our displays and screens update you on news and events, and help you to reach your destination.

JCDecaux - Wall - WC - Berlin

We design accessible furniture, like our public toilets which can be used by people in wheelchairs.

We contribute to the local activities and economy by allowing collectivities and businesses promote their events and products.

JCDecaux - Coca Cola - Mupi - Costa Rica
JCDecaux - New - Velov - Lyon - Bikes

25,000 bicycles

in 76 cities worldwide.

More responsible

We have restated our commitment to fighting global warming, becoming the first outdoor advertising group to join the RE100 initiative.

JCDecaux - Bus shelter - maintenance

From design to installation and upkeep, our street furniture and services are financed by advertising to enhance cities’ liveability every day.

In 2020, we will conduct an experiment in an urban area to improve the air quality:  the Filtreo bus shelter whose moss-carpet roof captures and absorbs pollutants.

We have reinvented how we use bikes in cities with our self-serving bike scheme which carefully tailors to users’ needs and transport options.

JCDecaux - Nantes - Bikes

Since our origin, we have worked with associations and charitable organisations in showcasing charitable and humanitarian causes.

More innovative

Our goal is to surprise and entertain you around the city with more interactive and creative advertising.

JCDecaux - Header - Brand - Urbanism

Brand Urbanism, for brands, consists of forming partnerships with cities to launch and/or finance temporary or permanent urban development projects, to improve city dwellers' quality of life.

We enliven the corridors of metro systems, the concourses of airports and shopping centres with real-time messages, tourist information and special events.

JCDecaux - Bus shelter - Small - Cells

Thanks to our extensive and unrivalled network and our global expertise, we offer aesthetically pleasing, integrated solutions to provide mobile connectivity thanks to Wi-Fi and small cell technology.

More attractive

We design street furniture that will develop or reinforce the identity of the site where it is located.

JCDecaux - Clock Tower - LA
JCDecaux - UK - Kensington

We work with renowned designers to create attractive street furniture that blends harmoniously with its environment.

Our street furniture is built with high-quality materials like glass and steel, selected for their style and durability.

JCDecaux - Clock - Sao Paulo - Brazil
JCDecaux - Changi - Digital - Towers