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Our commitment to sustainable development

The Group's commitment to sustainable development underpins an approach of continuous improvement, in which initiatives are continued and intensified from year to year.

JCDecaux’s Sustainable Development Strategy and annual reports are available here:
JCDecaux established a content index table in accordance with the GRI G4 core criteria approach. This index presents the concordance between GRI G4 indicators and JCDecaux’s extra-financial information. It is available in the 2017 Registration Document.
JCDecaux's commitment and performance are reviewed by extra-financial rating agencies as well as by fund managers and analysts specialising in Socially Responsible Investment.

Our commitment, transparency and results recognized by extra-financial rating agencies

JCDecaux responds and actively engages with three well-known and established extra-financial rating agencies. They are experts in their fields and constantly challenge us on making further progress, and integrating more deeply sustainability into everyday business. We are proud to be part of their indexes and rankings :
Score in 2019: 4.5/5Score in 2019: A
(Industry average: C)
Rating in 2019: AAA
Since 2014, the group is been renewed in the FTSE4Good index. The FTSE Russel, the rating agency that issues this index, evaluates JCDecaux's performance on environmental, social and governance issues, with a particular attention to ethics.JCDecaux has been responding to the CDP Climate Change since 2011. This agency evaluates our commitments, our policies and our results in terms of climate change.
In 2019, the Group was awarded an A grade, witness to its commitment and leadership in the area of climate change strategy.
Present in the index since 2013, JCDecaux responds each year to the MSCI on environmental, social and governance criteria.