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AESTHETICS. Promoting each site.

Tailored platforms, integration with airport architecture, exhibitions, event spaces and more – JCDecaux can turn an airport into an unbeatable, can’t-miss experience for passengers. We work with the biggest names in design to create exclusive solutions and turn airport advertising into a unique showcase for brands.

FINANCING. A principled, sustainable model.

 Air passengers are a much sought after target for advertisers.  Our economic model allows us to monetise this audience, benefiting airport authorities through a profitable revenue-sharing model.  Furthermore, our global reach and ability to market national and international networks are two key drivers that will maximise advertising revenue per passenger.

Advertising has become really important, not just because it's been a new and growing source of revenues for airports. The fact that advertising comes mainly in digital format today is also part of the digital transformation of the airport. It contributes to the passenger experience and creates a positive and pleasant airport environment. When you look at airport advertising using digital means it's very dynamic, and visually appealing. Olivier Jankovec Director General ACI Europe

Support. A trusted partner.

Our international expertise and local approach combined with our commitment to quality, precision and efficiency have made us a leading partner for the biggest airports.

We are delighted to continue our partnership with JCDecaux for Changi Airport’s advertising concession with this third contract. They are our valued partner who share our emphasis on superior design and passion for innovation and whom we trust will continue to deliver the best-in-class advertising with their global reach of premium brands and comprehensive suite of digital capabilities. As travellers take to the skies again, we look forward to working with JCDecaux to welcome passengers back to Changi Airport and explore new, re-imagined experiences that are the hallmark of our airport Lim Peck Hoon Executive Vice President, Commercial, Changi Airport Group
We are pleased to continue our partnership with JCDecaux who have emerged as a successful bidder, with their capability to deliver world-class advertising through the use of innovation and sustainability which complements BIAL’s 4 key pillars on which T2 is being developed. With this new partnership, we look forward to collaborating further to improve the passenger experience by offering them new, reimagined experiences at our airport at world class standards Kenneth Guldjberg Bangalore International Airport Ltd’s (BIAL) Chief Commercial Officer
Bangalore International Airport Limited - Kempegowda International Airport, India - JCDecaux
Sustainable Development - CSR - RSE -  Pearflex canvas - airport - Extime - JCDecaux
Pearlflex canvas displayed in Paris airports
We are delighted to join forces with JCDecaux to develop an ambitious and innovative advertising initiative with Extime Media. This project brings to life the ambitions of our new 2025 Pioneers strategic plan. Extime Media will have a multi-local dimension with a presence in 6 airports on 2 continents; will embody the advertising component of the more global Extime Hospitality project, and will carry strong values of innovation and sustainability. Augustin de Romanet Chairman and CEO of Aéroports de Paris SA-Groupe ADP