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3 fast-food restaurants take delicious-looking creatives and adapt the ads to the Out-of-Home environment and audience. Here, we look at how restaurants can use Out-of-Home to entertain, demonstrate and exhibit their uniqueness and brand strength to offer their audience a stand-out brand experience.

Crust Pizza entertains: a DJ scratch deck with Peking Duk

Advertiser: Crust Pizza
Location: Sydney, Australia
Duration: 2 weeks, 17/10/2016 – 31/10/2016
Format: Street Furniture
Creative Solution: special build, interactive touch, sound integration

Crust Pizza and Peking Duk interactive scratch DJ table, Sydney, October 2016, JCDecaux Australia
The gourmet pizza company Crust Pizza provided an entertaining brand experience and exclusive content for their pizza fans. They partnered up with the band Peking Duk to promote the latest menu and a competition for the band’s tour. Working with JCDecaux Australia Curst Pizza created touch-activated panels. The panels featured illustrations resembling a mixing deck, with pizzas as the records on turntables. Passers-by could touch the panel to “adjust” the levels and rehash a unique Peking Duk song. As people created their own remixes, more intrigued passers-by were drawn to the panels to give it a go as well.

Domino’s Pizza demonstrates: GPS-localised delivery to anywhere

Advertiser: Domino’s Pizza
Location: Amsterdam, the Netherlands
Duration: 1 day, 20/10/2016
Format: Street Furniture
Creative Solution: special build, interactive, experiential

Domino’s Pizza in the Netherlands focused their campaign on demonstrating one of their key strengths – delivery. Domino’s worked with JCDecaux Netherlands to promote their new delivery method via GPS. The concept featured a pop-up restaurant at one of the free-standing panels in Amsterdam. Passers-by could push a button on the panel to get a pizza delivered a few minutes later, straight to their current location. They could then enjoy the hot pizza at the table conveniently integrated into the panel.

McDonald’s exhibits: Iconic Creativity and Design

Advertiser: McDonald’s
Location: Lisbon, Oporto, Portugal
Duration: 1 week, 27/05/2015 – 02/06/2016
Format: Street Furniture
Creative Solution: special build

McDonald’s has been known for their highly creative ads. This time they focused on the iconic design of their products to create a simple yet eye-catching Out-of-Home campaign in Europe.
Conceptualised by TBWA and working with JCDecaux in Portugal, they simplified bus shelters and free-standing panels, wrapping them to look like clean, white “canvases” for their unique creative. The simple flat colour pictograms of their iconic meals were easily spotted by pedestrians and drivers from afar. The original and instantly recognisable ad stood out as an accolade to creative graphic design, made perfect for the Out-of-Home environment.

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