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Since 2014, JCDecaux UK has delivered data-driven messages at point of sale, thanks to a network of digital screens  at the country’s largest supermarket group.
The launch of SmartScreen@Tesco has proven to be a defining moment in Outdoor advertising, making the future of digital Outdoor an exciting new reality. Spencer Berwin Co-CEO JCDecaux UK

Combining the 3 Ds: Digital, Data, and Delivery

SmartScreen was the first network combining “the 3 Ds” - Digital, Data and Delivery - to achieve real-time precision-targeted campaigns.

The SmartScreen at Tesco digital network allows brands to create dynamic and tactical campaigns. Launched with 400 screens at the front doors of the UK’s best-performing Tesco stores, the network runs alongside a 600 screen shopping mall digital 6-sheet network to form Channel Retail.  This digital 6-sheet channel reaches 24% of the UK population every fortnight (source: Route).

Data, through a partnership with world leading insight company dunnhumby , provides the opportunity to tailor campaigns according to when customers are shopping and by what they are shopping for.

Finally, JCDecaux UK’s scheduling system, CAPTAin, delivers the right creative at the right time and place. It automatically dials up or down the frequency of display in-line with  the data. CAPTAin also adapts to real-time local information such as weather or special events.
We have developed systems that put the right content, in the right location, in front of the right person at the right time. David McEvoy Marketing Director at JCDecaux UK

“My digital memo-PAD at the front door”

Insight-driven campaigns bring added-value to the consumers. They enjoy the content’s accuracy and relevance, and indeed, shoppers have compared the screens to their “digital memo-pad at the front door”.

Located in the active space, SmartScreen at Tesco’s intelligent display establishes a real connection between advertisers and consumers. It allows brands to stand out, to inform customers about products, prices and promotions, and to deliver a final purchase prompt before shoppers enter the busy in-store environment.
And we know it works. SmartScreen at Tesco  is proven to deliver sales uplifts, increased market share, and category growth.  

A key example of this would be a campaign for Cadbury. Running a generic creative across SmartScreen at Tesco saw a sales uplift of +8%.  The brand then ran 50 different bespoke creatives that utilised sales data for each individual store, featuring the best-selling Cadbury product for that store and encouraging consumers to try a different product. Sales increased by a further +8% during the campaign and +4% post-campaign.


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