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In real time. The right message, at the right place, at the right time.

Digital screens by JCDecaux are placed in busy thoroughfares, where they are visible daily to residents and travellers. For cities and transport authorities, they offer a responsive solution that can deliver a wide range of messages in real time, like weather, traffic, event announcements and alerts. Their flexibility also makes it possible to broadcast a customised message at a specific place and time. For example, an airport can greet travellers exiting a plane in the language of their country of origin. Digital screens offer adaptability and targeted information, whatever the need.

Digital COMMUNICATION. Impact and engagement.

Thanks to their visibility and stylish design, JCDecaux's digital platforms can enhance the impact of communication campaigns by cities and transport authorities. A truly complementary solution, they can also be combined with other forms of media, with the option of using the same editorial line and graphic elements. Connected and context-responsive, they can even be linked in real time to social networks like Twitter and Facebook. They provide a flexible and effective addition to a comprehensive, multi-channel strategy. Distributing content on entertainment, culture, news and more, the digital platforms provide an enhanced experience for residents and travellers.

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Interactive digital platforms. Smart service.

Interactive digital platforms are equipped with screens that inform residents and travellers about their city. The open platform, which runs on an Android operating system, can support applications, mobile websites and RSS feeds. The possibilities are endless. The system has a customisable design, is simple to administer and is scalable and adjustable to different kinds of street furniture, ensuring the right message gets delivered in the right place. Users get access at their fingertips to a wide range of local information related to public transit, cultural and sport venues, shopping and more.

Our EXPERTISE. Innovation and support.

JCDecaux's digital solutions are the culmination of more than 15 years of experimentation, research and development. To date, more than 30,000 digital screens have been installed in 52 countries.
As a result, cities and transport authorities benefit from innovative platforms with upgradeable technology and an eco-friendly design that limits energy consumption. Our dedicated, multidisciplinary teams support our partners from installation to maintenance, including system security and operational training. Our Group is renowned for high-quality support and meticulous service.

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