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The website accessible at (the “Website”) is published by JCDecaux SE, a French corporation (Société Européenne) with an executive board and a supervisory board with a share capital of 3,249,630.93 euros, registered in the Nanterre Trade and Companies Register with number 307 570 747.

Corporate office 17, rue Soyer
92200 Neuilly-sur-Seine
Phone +33 (0)1 30 79 79 79
Publication manager Albert Asséraf

Specific warning regarding the financial information

The information communicated on the Website shall not be considered as an incentive to invest. The information must not under any circumstances be interpreted as canvassing or offering a subscription, purchase or exchange of JCDecaux SE shares or other short-term investment securities. Accordingly, the information has not been inspected by the officials authorized to do so within the scope of public securities trading procedures.
Any use of said information and data shall take place at the user's own risk.
Consequently, JCDecaux SE cannot be held responsible for the content or exactness, in whole or in part, of the information communicated on the Website or of any investment order or decision made based on such information.


JCDecaux SE shall endeavor to ensure, to the best of its capacities, the accuracy and validity of the information published on the Website, for which it reserves the right to correct the content at any time without prior notice. However, JCDecaux SE cannot guarantee the accuracy, precision, or exhaustiveness of the information published on the Website.
Consequently, JCDecaux SE accepts no liability:

  • for any disruption of the Website;
  • for any occurrence of bugs;
  • for any inaccuracy or omission regarding the information available on the Website;
  • for any damage resulting from the fraudulent intrusion of a third party that caused a modification of the information published on the Website;
  • more generally, for any direct and indirect damage, regardless of its cause, origin, nature, or consequences, including namely the costs that may arise due to the acquisition of goods offered on the Website, the loss of profit, clients, data, or any other intangible assets that may arise following the access to the Website by any person, or the impossibility of accessing the Website or of the credit granted to any information whatsoever that comes directly or indirectly from the Website.

The Internet user undertakes to observe this disclaimer and to use the Website under its responsibility. The Internet user shall be deemed to have accepted the last version of this disclaimer from the mere fact of access to the Website.


JCDecaux SE authorizes the creation of a hyperlink towards the Website for any other website, excluding those that publish controversial, pornographic, or xenophobic information or that may, to a greater extent, harm the interests of JCDecaux SE or be deemed offensive to the general public. No part of the Website may be embedded into another website.
In any case, the creation of a hyperlink towards the Website requires a prior written authorization from JCDecaux SE, which reserves the right to ask for the deletion of a hyperlink if it deems that it does not respect the so established rules.
The Website may include hyperlinks towards other websites. To the extent that JCDecaux SE cannot verify these websites, JCDecaux SE cannot be held liable for the availability of these websites, nor can they be held liable in any way for the content, advertising, products, services, or any other material available on or from these websites. Moreover, JCDecaux SE may not be held liable for any established or claimed losses or damages that follow the use of these websites or that are related to having trusted the available content, goods, or services on these websites.

Intellectual property

The Website as well as any software used necessarily in connection with it may contain confidential and protected information covered by the current intellectual property law or any other rule or regulation. Therefore, unless otherwise stipulated, the intellectual property rights on the content of the Website and all elements created for the Website are the exclusive property of JCDecaux SE, which does not assign any license, nor any other right than the one to visit the Website.
Particularly, the trademarks, the databases, and the other intellectual property rights used on the Website are the property of the concerned entities and subsidiaries of JCDecaux SE. The reproduction of the content published on the Website, in part or in whole, is authorized only for exclusively personal and private information matters; any reproduction and any use of copies made for other matters are expressly forbidden. It is also forbidden to copy, modify, create a related work, reverse-engineer the conception or the assembly, or in any other way try to find the source code (except the cases provided for by law), sell, attribute, sublicense, or transfer in any way any right pertaining to the Website. Similarly, it is forbidden to modify the Website or use modified versions of the Website, and namely (albeit this list is not exhaustive) in order to obtain an unauthorized access and access the Website by another interface than the one provided to the Internet user by JCDecaux SE in this matter.


The Website is hosted by JCDecaux SE, registered in the Nanterre Trade and Companies Register with number 307 570 747.

Address ZI Sainte-Apolline
78378 Plaisir CEDEX
Phone +33 (0)1 30 79 79 79

Governing law

The Website as well as this disclaimer are governed by French law. In all matters of opinion or interpretation, the original language version in French shall take precedence over the translations.
In case of dispute or litigation related to the interpretation or the execution of this disclaimer, the courts of Paris shall have exclusive jurisdiction.