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EXPERTISE. Inform and entertain.

Because we know what users expect, we help make commuting more fun and less routine. On board buses and trams, we offer passengers relevant content in unexpected formats; indeed, we offer fun: digital screens, Wi-Fi hotspots, mobile charging hubs, events, live shows, tastings, and more.

KNOW-HOW.  Interacting with the city. 

JCDecaux moves to the beat of the city, playing its rhythm back to it:  shows, cultural events, sports, and business. At the same time, our interactive systems act as links between the city and passengers. For example, in Vienna, the digital screens installed in trains adapt messages to the tram's location on the line, listing places of interest in the vicinity of each stop.

FINANCING. A virtuous model.

JCDecaux's economic model is based on financing its street furniture and services through advertising. We monetise the value of audiences to benefit transport companies. With our audience knowledge, innovative advertising formats, and product and service quality recognised the world over, we draw the biggest names in advertising for campaigns that are increasingly effective.

Support. A trusted partner.

For more than 55 years, we have been supporting the development of transit authorities around the world. We know their concerns, and what their users expect. That is why we have become a key player – and a trusted partner.