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MASS MEDIA. Powerful and flexible.

 As audiences and communication channels become more fragmented, JCDecaux stands out for its ability to combine mass media and targeted solutions. JCDecaux owes its distinctiveness to its presence in cities, transport systems and major thoroughfares. With the global population becoming increasingly urban and mobile, our solutions become more effective with each passing year. We are now one of the most influential media networks on the global level, and one of the most flexible on the local level.
  • More than 80 countries

  • 3,890 cities

  • 1,061,630 advertising panels

  • €3,890m 2019 revenue

  • 13,210 employees

OUR PRESENCE. Around the world.

JCDecaux is the world’s largest Out-of-Home advertising company, reaching relevant audiences in over 80 countries.

FINANCIAL RESULTS. Revenue by region and business.

JCDecaux, the world’s largest Out-of-Home media company, delivered in 2019 record results which are the best since IPO with revenue at €3,890.2 million, operating margin at €792.2 million, EBIT before impairment at €385.2 million and net income Group share at €265.5 million.

* Excluding France and the United Kingdom

SELF-SERVICE BIKES. Changing mentalities.

JCDecaux is the pioneer in self-service bicycle hire. The Group has a foothold in 13 countries and 76 cities with more than 31,000 bikes on the road, it helps to change behaviour and transform mobility in cities. Since the first self-service bikes were installed in Vienna (Austria) in 2003, nearly 700 million journeys have been made.

EMPLOYEES. A local presence.

JCDecaux is present in more than 80 countries. Its subsidiaries are independently managed and deeply rooted in their local cultures. They are committed to recruiting local talent to better serve the needs of each market.
Because human resources are one of our greatest strengths, we place an emphasis on multidisciplinary expertise. Every day, all around the world, our 13,210 employees across 100 specialisations contribute to the company's growth.