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RELEVANT MESSAGES. At the point of purchase.

With more time spent away from home, the Active Space is becoming an increasingly influential part of daily life. When in the Active Space, consumers are on the way to work, shops, home or leisure activities.

While on the go, consumers are at the point of purchase and they search for information to help them make informed decisions. This is The Last Window of Influence; just before they make purchase decisions, consumers are found in a positive mindset, more alert and receptive to visual and brand messaging. Eye-catching and relevant Out-of-Home campaigns can offer messaging to drive audiences instore and online while they are in this decision-making mindset.

DRIVE TO STORE. Opening the Last Window of Influence.

With the presence of Out-of-Home (OOH) in almost all urban environments, OOH advertising is a truly immersive media experience and it has long been recognised to offer outstanding activation capabilities. Proximity sites and broadcast capabilities that deliver relevant messages to mass audiences at the right time and place offer an incomparable opportunity to drive to store. 

DRIVE TO MOBILE & ONLINE. Meeting audiences on-the-go.

Today’s urban audiences are always connected through their smartphones and tablets. While mobile offers an opportunity for brands to communicate directly with consumers, competition for their attention is high in the increasingly fragmented media environment.
Consumers have growing expectations to receive timely, relevant content at all times and OOH is uniquely placed to drive traffic at a chosen point in the consumers’ journey. OOH is the key media that can offer content to an audience that is on-the-go. This is the opportunity for brands to offer relevant messaging at the time and place when the audience expects it, and when they are most receptive to it.
By combining OOH with mobile and online media they can provide an entry point to specialised, useful content that the consumer is seeking at this moment. Advertisers who understand consumer needs at a given time can use OOH to exponentially amplify the impact of their brand messaging.

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OUT-OF-HOME. The new storefront.

Growing presence of Digital Out-of-Home (DOOH) provides unprecedented media availabilities and capabilities. Accelerating technological developments within the medium are presenting more and more opportunities to provide consumers with relevant content at the right time to drive purchases.
JCDecaux provides a breadth of OOH opportunities for brands to offer actionable content within the Active Space to engage consumers and drive them directly to point of purchase, whether in store or mobile or even directly from the panel.

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