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Urban shoppers spend a large part of their day away from home; be it in malls, bus and rail stations, airports or in the city.

Decisive - - Germany

Urban Shoppers are largely young, mobile, affluent, digitally connected and social, both in person and online. They are early adopters and influencers keen to set and keep up with the latest trends.

High Earners

18-24 year-olds

25-44 year-olds

City Dwellers


Connected People


JCDecaux - Influential - Orange, France

When out of home, shoppers are in a positive mindset. They are receptive to visual messaging, that help them make purchasing decisions, and they often amplify brand messaging, which resonates with them, through social media and word-of-mouth.

Out-of-Home (OOH) influences the daily purchasing decisions of urban shoppers, online and in store. With high urban coverage and frequency, OOH provides brand introductions and consistently delivers this primed mass shopping audience.

JCDecaux - Shoppers - Receptive

9 in 10 shoppers
have seen Out-of-Home advertising in the half hour immediately before shopping.

“I’m sure there are products I would not have bought had I not seen them in context in the city”

JCDecaux - Shoppers - Influential
JCDecaux - Shoppers - Influential

OOH is present in all city spaces. This allows brands to match their messaging to the audience and their environment, and to influence their purchase decisions while they are in a positive mindset and receptive to visual communication (Active Space).


Whether using proximity networks near commercial centres, or beacons to communicate relevant messages in malls, geo-targeting capabilities of OOH allows brands to reach a receptive audience with relevant information.

JCDecaux - Shoppers - Contextualised H&M - Australia
JCDecaux - Shoppers - Contextualised

Digital OOH (DOOH) and Dynamic brings a new level of contextual targeting to OOH, offering data-led, relevant messaging at decisive moments in the consumer journey.

JCDecaux Creative Solutions allows shoppers to experience the brand first hand, engage and build a more personal relationship.

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