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Airport Passengers

Airport advertising

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Airport advertising offers the choice and flexibility for the most appropriate message delivery. From interactive screens to sponsorships and experiential campaigns, brands can build true engagement and a deeper relationship with their audience.

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Use of dynamic content, activation of audience data, programmatic purchasing... JCDecaux’s global airport platforms allow advertisers to carry out targeted and effective advertising campaigns. ​
Advertisers can now access digital inventory in JCDecaux's main hubs in a simple and transparent manner. 

We're proud of the state-of-the-art digital advertising portfolio at Heathrow, and programmatic will provide a great opportunity to open up access to an even broader range of brands. This in turn should make the screens more engaging for our passengers, improving their airport experience. Fraser Brown Retail and Property Director, Heathrow
DXB Penhaligon’s Exhibition Stand Podium - JCDecaux Airport

Premium audience

According to the ACI forecast, the year 2024 is expected to be a milestone for global passenger traffic recovery as it reaches 9.4 billion passengers. The longer-term view is pointing to continued air traffic growth which is estimated to rise at 19.3 billion in 2041 and 23.9 billion in 2050.

Senior executives, technology pioneers and even jet-setters: airport audiences are made up of decision-makers and influential people from the business world.
77% of business travellers took action (during or after the trip) after seeing advertising in airports.

Source : First Class Advertising – The Enduring Magic of Airports

Airport - Commuters - Lounge - JCDecaux
If there were no ads, the airport would lose part of its creative edge Airport respondent, UK, JCDecaux Airport stories

Today’s flyers tend to be younger (index 111) and more affluent (index 123) than the general population, making them a highly desirable audience for advertisers. Flyers in the main hubs where JCDecaux is present tend to be even more premium.

Airport advertising is considered to be part of the travel experience. It provides an opportunity for brands to entertain and engage with their audience at the moment when they openly welcome brand messaging.

53% arrive at the airport at least 2 hours before their flight.
70% looking at the exhibition stands shops, advertising, and other things to see
85% Have spent money at the airport in the past 12 months
65%do not pre-plan their airport purchases.
In some airports, such as Heathrow, Frankfurt, Paris CDG, Dubai, etc... JCDecaux has the possibility of offering pop-up stores in its exhibition areas.

Movesgood Frankfurt

The ResearchBod  "Airport Perceived Value" study, commissioned by JCDecaux Airport UK, demonstrates that passengers still see airports as prestigious and luxurious, with a transfer of those positive associations onto brands advertising in airports.​

Perceived value - icon
Perceived value | Score 111*​TV 101, Print 100, Mobile 95 & Website 94
Prestige B2B | Score 113*TV 99, Print 98, Mobile 99 & Website 99

Source:  ‘’Perceived value’’ study conducted by ResearchBods for JCDecaux OneWorld​. Among 6,500 respondents in 5 countries  between Jan. & and March 2021 of whom 500 traveled by air during the pandemic​

Brands seen at the airport are considered to be international and prestigious, increasing brand perception and driving sales.