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Consumers are expecting more than traditional ads. Increasing consumer engagement with the brand is the key to amplifying marketing effectiveness. May LawGeneral Manager of SHISEIDO & Qi, Shiseido Hong Kong Limited

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From touch screens to Virtual Reality, JCDecaux Creative Solutions use innovative methods to deliver attention-grabbing campaigns across all environments. JCDecaux Creative Solutions offer multi-dimensional, results-driven  communication that creates memorable interaction with your target audience in the real world.


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Creative OOH: 2018 Trends on the Radar
OOH is the only medium (outside of online) forecasted to grow its market share in 2018, largely thanks to Digital OOH and the evolution of data application within the industry. We have analysed the most successful and promising campaigns of 2017 to offer you our forecast for OOH Trends in 2018.
A1 Telecoms AR bus shelter campaign, JCDecaux Slovenia
How Reactive Content in OOH Puts Brands in the Spotlight
Reactive brand messaging can be a compelling form of activation campaigns, if executed right. But get it wrong and the brand can appear out of touch. Let’s assess why reactive OOH works exceptionally well and what these campaigns bring to the table.
Specsavers reactive DOOH campaign responded to the Oscars mistake
Creative OOH: Adding value to Audiences with Drive-to-Mobile
A recent Nielsen study shown OOH as the most effective offline medium for online traffic, generating x4 value than other media. But even with new drive-to-mobile technologies, creativity and adding value to audiences remains the key to effective mobile activation campaigns. So, who’s doing it well?
Aldi used gamification to engage the commuter audience in the drive-to-store activation, JCDecaux China, 2017

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The JCDecaux Creative Solutions division offers bespoke Out-of-Home campaigns, taking out-of-the box ideas from concept to on-street reality. From special builds and mobile interaction to virtual reality, Creative Solutions deliver attention-grabbing campaigns across all environments (Airport, Roadside, Transport, Retail). Our dedicated Creative Solutions teams around the world build effective brand communication through unique and memorable campaigns, always challenging the expectations of audiences and conventions in Out-of-Home advertising.

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