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AN URBAN OPPORTUNITY. Capturing and maintaining attention.

In today's fragmented media world, among the multitude of screens, there is a growing challenge to catch and maintain the attention of consumers. To achieve cut-through, brands recognise the need to get closer to the consumer, understand their needs and be more inventive and engaging than ever before. With growing urbanisation, the Out-of-Home medium delivers the platform for advertisers to achieve this engagement.
In 2021, the share of world’s population living in urban areas was 56%*. By 2050 this number will have risen to 70% of global population. As people are increasingly spending time away from their home and office, there is a growing opportunity for brands to use Out-of-Home (OOH) to connect and interact with consumers in a creative way.

*Source: Urbanization by continent, Statista, 2021

THE CONSUMER JOURNEY. Continuous daily touchpoints.

OOH offers high coverage with high frequency providing the opportunity to deliver a message consistently and continuously at regular touchpoints during a consumer’s day. Ever-present at the point of purchase, OOH increases contextual exposure to brand messaging and helps build brand attractiveness and recall. Like no other medium, OOH allows brands to physically place themselves in the same environment as their consumer.

People are attracted to something the more they are exposed to it. Robert Zajonc "The Mere Effect" study

CONSUMER-BRAND CONNECTIONS. Choosing the right opportunity.

OOH has the unique strength of being present at multiple touchpoints during the daily routine of a consumer. Frequent exposure both in place and time gives a chance to create memorable storytelling to a key audience. By adapting messages to their environments, brands are able to pique the interest of their audience and to connect with them on an emotional level.

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