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The Urban Population

A relationship

The urban population consists of diverse and valuable audiences, known to be affluent and well-informed; from C-suite decision-makers to tech-aware, trend-setting young professionals, from shoppers to connected influencers.

More than 80% proportion of global GDP is generated by cities in 2020.

"Advertising is a temptation, we are always tempted to do lots of things in the city."

These audiences have different lifestyles but they take repeated journeys around the city. Whether during a commute or the evening shop, they spend a large part of their day in the Active Space; in a positive mindset and receptive to visual communication.

Urban audiences have a special relationship with Out-of-Home media (OOH) because it is a natural part of their environment. Timely and relevant OOH messaging can influence the day-to-day choices of consumers and build positive brand perception.

The global urban population is estimated to grow by 1.56 billion from 2020 to 2040.

A connection

OOH campaigns are naturally positioned to encourage mobile interaction and are known to trigger mobile search. In this Active Space, eye-catching and considered brand messaging enhances campaign effectiveness, driving social media and word of mouth.

The OOH audience is found in an environment that leads to an alert state of mind and where they are ready to purchase; the Active Space. While out and about, urban audiences are in a positive mindset to receive brand messaging.

Not distracted by other media, they are more alert and receptive to visual stimulation and welcome entertaining and relevant brand communication.

An effect

While other media platforms are increasingly segmented, OOH remains ubiquitous. It maintains its key strength in achieving rapid mass reach among the urban population.

With regular touchpoints every day, OOH builds consistent brand communication for all product categories and among all audience sectors. Daily exposure and rapid cover makes OOH the ideal medium for product launches and building brand fame.

“I enjoy looking at posters in the city and I am often impatient to see such and such brand’s new campaign. What are they going to tell us this time? What’s the next episode?”

Coordinated and customised messaging to all urban OOH environments allow brands to incorporate storytelling and mass personalisation to build a dialogue and a deeper, more emotional relationship with their consumers.

Digital Out-of-Home (DOOH) opens doors to dynamic, contextually relevant messaging that can incorporate anything from social media to custom data feeds and match communication to the optimal time and place.

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