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Street furniture and SERVICES. A full range of products and services.

JCDecaux offers a wide selection of street furniture to meet the needs of city dwellers and visitors: interactive screens, public toilets, newsstands , information panels, streetlights, etc. They are designed to provide consistency and visual harmony to cities, transport hubs and commercial centres.

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We also offer a number of services, included with our street furniture or offered separately, that make travelling easier and more comfortable: displays that show wait times, charging stations for mobile devices, WiFi hotspots, etc.
All of these solutions, which are paid for by advertising, allow our partners to enhance the experience they offer to city dwellers and visitors.

Our APPROACH. Closeness and agility.

Audiences in cities, airports and shopping centres are distinct and have different needs. As a result, each piece of street furniture is unique, custom-designed or adapted specifically to meet the users’ needs: the right service and the right information at the right spot and the right time. For example, in airports our digital screens can adapt in real time to welcome passengers in the language of the country where their flight originated.

INNOVATE. Urban experts.

We offer our partners solutions that respond to their users’ latest needs and concerns, such as small cells, beacons, WiFi hotspots, interactive screens to provide information or entertainment, and energy-efficient street furniture. Our R&D department, ongoing monitoring, and collaborations with the biggest cities in the world put us at the cutting edge of innovation so that we can meet the most demanding specifications and consistently offer better products and services. We can also provide support for cities at critical times such as global sporting events and cultural events.

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