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The Commuters


The transport environment has evolved into hubs for urban life. Restaurants and shops accommodate the high dwell time of the alert, connected audience, and advertising is integral to the positive perception of the environment among commuters.

believe metro without advertising would be monotonous.

“The metro is really important to our lives and work here in Shanghai. The city would be paralysed if there was no metro."

Commuters are largely professional, affluent and are heavy tech users. They consider transport as a vital city asset. The high dwell time means that the transport environment as a vital part of their daily life.


During their journeys, passengers are alert while they spend time assessing their plans and making decisions. Eye-catching, engaging and relevant brand messaging can captivate these connected consumers and drive further interaction and sharing.

“I have discovered events just from metro ads […] I spoke with my friends and then I bought the tickets.”


Commuter journeys are frequent and habitual over a long period of time, giving the perfect opportunity for engaging brand storytelling.

Station ownership offers brands an unparalleled opportunity for disruption with this valuable commuting audience, delivering stand-out communication targeted to time or place.


welcome brands that provide useful free services.

Sponsorship offers brands incomparable opportunities to build positive perception and loyalty among commuters by providing them valued services.

JCDecaux Metro Stories is an international research project exploring the perceptions, expectations and desires of Urban Commuters to provide detailed insight into their daily travel experience around the world.

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