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In the end, like water we all need connectivity Ger BaronChief Technology Officer, City of Amsterdam

Our technologies. Keeping users connected.

The Wi-Fi terminals installed on our street furniture strengthen network coverage, ensuring users a consistent connection as they move around.
Small cells integrated in our furniture, which relay 3G or 4G signals, add density to mobile connectivity, allowing individuals to use their smartphones and tablets in more locations.
Finally, our Bluetooth-enabled Beacons offer users complementary services. When users activate Bluetooth on their smartphone, they can receive a personalised, context-driven message from the beacons, with content such as useful location information or products and services. For example, airline passengers can receive all the information about their flight as soon as they enter the airport.
Nos mobiliers répartis dans la ville peuvent vous offrir plus de connectivité mobile grâce à la technologie des small cells et au Wi-Fi.

CONNECTIVITY. For stronger impact.

Offering a free connection is, in itself, a strong pull factor for cities, transport systems and shopping centres. But our solutions go ever further, enabling interaction with users.
This combination of features turns the shelter into…a platform capable of unlocking future innovations than we can barely imagine. This is 21st century technology at work-fundamentally improving customer service accross our city. Eric GarcettiMayor of Los Angeles

The Wi-Fi terminals enable our partners to personalise their access portals and run quick questionnaires to better understand their audience. In terms of impact, our Beacons offer a two-fold advantage. By sending a context-driven and personalised message, our partners can communicate more effectively, enhance their image and build a closer relationship with their audience. Users, meanwhile, obtain services that facilitate their daily life through useful notifications.


OUR NETWORK. A unique asset.

Our network is one of our greatest strengths. With a presence in more than 80 countries, we have the capacity to create solutions on a national and international scale. The high density of our networks is a major asset. Our street furniture can be equipped with connectivity solutions without the need for additional equipment or major construction. We're also a neutral player that collaborates with numerous operators and suppliers, offering connectivity that is accessible to the greatest number of people. Finally, with the depth of our market knowledge and the proven success of our business model, we can help our partners find financing for their initiatives through advertising, exchanges or sponsorship.
Free Wi-Fi at Paris airports
Since 2014, Paris Aéroport (the Paris airports authority) has offered free, unlimited Wi-Fi access to passengers at Paris airports, a service initially developed by JCDecaux Airport Paris.
Small cells, big network
200 4G relay transmitters have been installed in Amsterdam to improve the network coverage of Vodafone Netherlands.

HIGH TECH. Nearly invisible.

By integrating connectivity devices in our street furniture, we offer high-quality solutions at the cutting edge of innovation. These devices are installed in a way that preserves aesthetic harmony, being almost totally invisible.

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