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OPPORTUNITY. Making the most of your space.

Company grounds, institutional buildings, the facades of corporate buildings or private homes, etc.  JCDecaux rents touchpoints in high-traffic areas in order to create or complete its advertising networks. This is a great opportunity for our partners to bring in supplemental revenue that can cover expenses or be used for investment.

UNIQUE PLATFORMS. For projects or events.

We give businesses the chance to communicate through their building facades to spectacular effect. We also offer institutions, companies, owners, co-owners and property management companies aesthetically pleasing solutions that conceal renovation work. These event-specific platforms generate revenue that represents a significant portion of the renovation budget.

During the renovation of its historic boutique at 13 Rue de la Paix, the Maison Cartier worked with JCDecaux Artvertising, a key player in urban scenography, in the creation of a unique display aimed at masking the building site whilst offering Paris pedestrians an ephemeral aesthetic experience. Learn more about this project in the press release: JCDecaux pushes the boundaries of urban scenography for Cartier

EXPERTISE. Full support.

JCDecaux is the global leader in outdoor advertising, known for its expertise and the quality of its advertisers. We pay close attention to aesthetics, the selection of the best platform, installation and maintenance while following regulations. Our partners do not have to lift a finger, nor do they need any advertising expertise: we take care of everything, at every step of the project.

In France, the installation of advertising canvas over historical monuments is regulated by the Code du Patrimoine. This set of rules specifies how to finance the renovation of buildings classified as historical monuments, which is often very costly. Advertising revenues are directly affected to the building's renovation. A note explaining the purpose of the advertisement is added to each canvas to inform the public. Pierre-Henri Bachot Business Development Director, JCDecaux Artvertising France

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