Sensory-marketing: a human experience

Multi-sensory marketing is defined as using at least two of the five senses (sight, smell, touch, sound and taste). Campaigns with sensory-marketing include emotional, cognitive and behavioural dimensions.  Brands who choose to go beyond visual communication and combine different senses into one campaign can effectively connect with consumers on a deeper emotional level. And because reactions to senses’ experiences are subjective, creating a multi-sensory experience for their audiences allows brands to create a unique connection with individual consumers.

Sound and the OOH environment

Out-of-Home (OOH) audiences are particularly characterised by their active mindset. They are receptive to their environment and are open to interacting with relevant content. Understanding the characteristics of different audiences in different environments is paramount when developing multi-sensory campaigns.

OOH campaigns which engage different senses make a brand come to life; they are surprising, they grab attention and they bring a new dimension to advertising. Furthermore, integrating different senses in different OOH environments, brands can build a unique experience each time.

Pocky musical floor, Shanghai Metro, JCDecaux Creative Solutions China, 2016Pocky, the chocolate snack,  layed down a Musical Floor in Shanghai Metro.  Motion recognition activated the sound of different instruments depending on where people walked.
The campaign brought out the fun, childish side in busy commuters while the metro domination brightened up people's day.
JCDecaux China. October 2016

A sound offering

Most people are governed by what they hear; sound impacts people’s mood, emotion and their state of mind. Sound is the second most impactful and widely used sense in marketing as it creates an element of surprise, it effectively grabs attention thus increases brand recall. Overall, sound can create an atmosphere and trigger your imagination. And even though it is normally associated with a video, sound integration in OOH creates a more compelling and immersive experience than watching a video clip alone.

Sound activation in OOH

There are countless ways to integrate sound and offer audiences exclusive and engaging content. Using speakers is among the simplest and most common ways of integrating sound in an OOH campaign. Exclusive sound content through a headphone jack on the other hand, creates a more personal, one-to-one interaction.
Digital touch screens can take interaction a step further by offering a combination of audio-visual content, where consumers are required to activate the sound by reacting with the CTA’s on the panel.
The addition of motion sensors s can also create an element of surprise and such content is effective at grabbing attention and increasing recall.
Finally, more advanced tech like Beakle allows brands to integrated their digital and OOH strategies and drive mobile traffic by offering a connection between audiences and the ads via a smartphone.

A versatile solution for versatile brands

Different advertisers should use sound in different environments for different purposes. Tourism brands are great at using sound to immerse audiences in the local culture and to help them picture themselves at the destination. With film campaigns, sound quickly grabs attention, transporting people into the plot of the film, building a personal association with the characters. Motor advertisers often use sound to bring a realistic element to the visual, educate their consumer and better illustrate the one of the most compelling elements of their product – the horsepower!
But these are just three product categories, let us have a look at how other industries have effectively integrated sound to bring a new dimension to their OOH campaigns. 

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