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The digital evolution has empowered smartphone users to shop online whenever they choose, whether on holiday or on the train travelling home from work. Advertisers can effectively embrace the rise of mobile commerce by engaging the active minds of consumers in the dynamic space of OOH.
With the rise of e-commerce, customers now have their favourite brands at their fingertips available for purchase 24 hours a day. With only 3.6% of air passengers not owning a smartphone, mobile commerce has given way to a new era of shopping whether it be “traveller commerce” or “commuter commerce” depending on the physical environment the purchase takes place. This digital age and its influence on the consumer purchase journey offers advertisers an unmissable opportunity to use the OOH landscape to instigate consumer response whether it be online investigation or purchase.
Global Mobile App Opportunity
Snapshot from Criteo's Global Commerce Review 2018 in the increase of mobile purchases in the online landscape (App & Mobile Web).
Global mobile commerce has seen an increase of 13% in 2018 alone, and the industry is forecasted to rise by a staggering 70% from 2018 to 2022. A wealth of opportunity lies beyond the likes of the UK and Europe, with Latin America experiencing the highest regional uplift at 37% year-on-year in 2018 (compared to 21% across Europe). The convenience of online shopping expedited the shift from in-store to online purchases, owing to time-poor individuals who utilise their travel time to make online purchases from last-minute gifts to long-term services for their business (The Anatomy of Travel 2018 by JCDecaux Airport UK).
Amazon fashion campaign at Germany, JCDecaux Airport, 2017-10
Amazon Fashion advertising at JCDecaux’s Dusseldorf Airport in Germany.
The dynamic space of OOH is great for tapping into the active mind of on-the-go consumers who are much more likely to be actively thinking of shopping. Half of evening commuters are thinking about their travel plans while over 25% of passengers have booked or bought something related to travel while travelling abroad. Travel invokes a positive mood and influences shopping decisions where over half of leisure travellers who have flown through JCDecaux’s UK airports agree that airports are a great place to research things online that they might buy, and over 25% admitting to making a fashion retail purchase online. Despite the belief that business travellers do not have the same leisurely mindset to participate in online shopping or absorb surrounding advertising messages, over half agree that business trips are a great time to catch up on their online shopping (The Anatomy of Travel 2018 by JCDecaux Airport UK).
The Anatomy of Travel research study
The Anatomy of Travel research study by JCDecaux Airport in the UK, 2018
With increasing concerns of online advertising due to the cluttered environment and privacy issues, e-commerce brands can leverage the outdoor media landscape that naturally integrates itself into everyday surroundings. This unique OOH attribute makes it the preferred ad format amongst the Gen Z and Gen Y.

As quoted by market expert Mark Ritson, "OOH can be the best of both worlds", where its broad reach can effectively target both current and potential customers, and its dynamic digital capabilities can impact consumer behaviour through targeted advertising that accompanies the journey and mindset of consumers. JCDecaux is committed to the digital evolution, already offering digital screens in over 48 countries with a majority of which offer dynamic advertising; contextually relevant advertising for a brand, place, time, environment and consumer. 
Targeted content such as travel destination data in airports teamed with JCDecaux’s premium advertising facilities provides a unique platform to build brand fame while leveraging the active and receptive mindset of on-the-go consumers, ultimately activating sales across both online and offline environments.
Dynamic, destination-specific advertising by Conde Nast Traveller advertises on Heathrow Airport’s Gateroom network
Dynamic, destination-specific advertising by Conde Nast Traveller advertises on Heathrow Airport’s Gateroom network (London, UK).
For more details on The Anatomy of Travel 2018 study by JCDecaux Airport UK, please contact the marketing team.

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