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From May 22 to 25, 2024, VivaTech, Europe's #1 startup & tech event, was held in Paris. And JCDecaux, a partner since 2016, was present once again for this 8th edition. On this occasion, three major innovations were showcased at our booth: a low-carbon emission bus shelter designed through upcycling, an immersive digital experience, and prototypes of future screens.
For JCDecaux, the sustainable media company born from innovation 60 years ago, this event highlights our out-of-home communication solutions and service-driven street furniture, which contribute to delivering quality information and improving city life. VivaTech also provides an opportunity for JCDecaux to advance its Open Innovation strategy by forging new relationships and increasing visibility with startups, enriching the range of products and services offered to local authorities and advertisers.

Upcycled bus shelter: a low carbon innovation

For the first time, visitors to VivaTech 2024 discovered our upcycled bus shelter. This innovative prototype, previously unveiled as a model during the 2023 edition, aligns with JCDecaux's Climate and ESG Strategy, placing eco-design at the heart of our commitments.
Upcycling involves using materials which have already had a first life or other used materials such as waste and production rejects, while minimising their transformation. This process is in line with the longstanding circular economy practices in place for our street furniture (refurbishment, recycling, etc). By valorising these materials, upcycling significantly reduces the CO2 emissions associated with extracting new raw materials and energy consumption during manufacturing.
Thanks to the use of reclaimed materials and minimal processing, this shelter cuts carbon emissions from extraction and production stages by 60%. By reclaiming waste and materials from our own operations or other sectors, we also help reduce waste flow from other industries, reinforcing our commitment to a sustainable circular economy.

AB Upcyclé - Vivatech - JCDecaux

"Unlimited DOOH" : an immersive experience

JCDecaux has a very strong presence in transport and retail spaces worldwide: 150+ airports, 250+ urban transport contracts, and 2,000+ shopping environments.
JCDecaux continuously innovates in Digital Out-of-Home (DOOH) with its "Unlimited DOOH" concept. At VivaTech, we showcased a large iconic screen, demonstrating digital creativity for transport and retail environments, and welcomed visitors with an immersive visual experience. Our creative tech studio and partners produced spectacular content for the show. With Unilimited DOOH, advertisers can push the boundaries of creativity for increasingly high-impact, immersive and interactive campaigns.

Innovative display prototypes

Micro-LED technology, transparent displays, holography, flexible displays... At VivaTech, we also presented a selection of cutting-edge technologies in prototype form that point toward the future of DOOH.

Software République

On May 22, Jean-Charles Decaux participated in one of the first VivaTech conferences, organised by Software République. On this occasion, he explained why JCDecaux had joined this ecosystem, paving the way for new open innovation opportunities for cities and citizens. Alongside six other CEOs from Software République's partners, he officially unveiled U1stVision. This innovative concept provides healthcare services through mobility, addressing the issue of "medical deserts".

Software République - Vivatech

Nurture Startup Challenge

To help startups build their reputation and accelerate their growth through Out-of-Home, JCDecaux created the JCDecaux Nurture program in 2016. It provides easy access to JCDecaux media for startups wanting to deploy their campaigns on JCDecaux's Out-of-Home networks.
During VivaTech, we held a contest for the second year in a row, with over 200 startups participating. The winners had the opportunity to win OOH and DOOH campaigns with JCDecaux.

Here are the 5 winners : 
Epycure Laboratoire, France
Scooch, UK
Fermentful, Lettonie
SEA Water, Pays-Bas
Greet, Lituanie

Winners Nurture Start-Up Vivatech JCDecaux

Keynotes and pitches : Jérôme Lepage, Sylvain Le Borgne et Lénaïc Pineau

On May 22, Jérôme Lepage, Marketing & Business Development Director – Division Transport, was interviewed on the VivaTech News channel, highlighting the benefits of OOH and DOOH in transport environments.
Lénaïc Pineau, Chief Sustainability & Quality Officer at JCDecaux, participated in a pitch session, explaining how to turn a company's climate strategy, from vision to action.
During a roundtable discussion, Sylvain Le Borgne, Group Chief Data Officer, explained the perspectives and development path of AI in Out-of-Home.

We had a great, engaged discussion about how AI and Generative AI will have - and is already having - an impact on advertising. We shared the experiences we had and all the perspectives it's going to bring to the market.

Sylvain Le Borgne

Group Chief Data Officer

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