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JCDecaux, renowned artist Refik Anadol and Dubai Airports, combined their creative forces to offer an unprecedented experience to passengers arriving in Dubai for COP28.

On December 5th, at the inauguration event at Dubai Airports, the artist unveiled ‘’Data Portal: Nature” alongside executives from Dubai Airports and JCDecaux, showcasing the innovative collaboration between an artist, the airport environment, and DOOH. Placing their commitment to environmental sustainability at the forefront of this collaboration, the three partners have collectively chosen to create a visually stunning and thought-provoking digital experience that celebrates our shared connection with nature. This exhibit will be displayed until the end of March 2024.

Digital art by Refik Anadol at Dubai International Airport DXB

Globally renowned for his ground-breaking work that seamlessly fuses data, art, and technology, the artist unveils his latest creation, a bespoke digital masterpiece titled ‘’Data Portal: Nature’’. This innovative artwork sits at the crossroads of generative AI, aesthetics, and environmental studies, presenting an AI Data Sculpture that draws inspiration from a vast dataset of over 400 million publicly available nature-related images encompassing water, coral, and flora.

Structured in four chapters, the digital art piece underscores the fragility of our ecosystems and seeks to draw visitors into a dialogue about the urgent need for environmental preservation. More than just an artistic expression, the exhibition serves as both an ode to nature's beauty and a warning against relegating it to mere digital memories.

Digital art by Refik Anadol at Dubai International Airport DXB
Over the years, our studio has been deeply immersed in unravelling data narratives of nature through long-term collaborations with researchers from around the world. Each project has been a step towards a greater understanding of nature, an ode to the planet’s beauty and complexities. The artwork we presented in Dubai stands as the next evolution of this series where art, data, and nature converse and propel us into new territories of digital ecology. Refik Anadol the artist behind the artwork

Encouraging global travellers to pause and immerse themselves in the appreciation of the art piece.

Harnessing the capabilities of JCDecaux’s iconic giant screens, recently installed in Terminal 1 Arrivals, as an extraordinary canvas, Refik invites global travellers to take a moment and fully engage in the appreciation of “Data Portal: Nature”.

Bringing Art to DXB: offering a thoughtful experience to passengers

Beyond serving as a transit point, Dubai International Airport (DXB) becomes an immersive environment that engages passengers in cultural experiences. Bringing art to the airport transforms the passenger’s journey into a visually enriching and thought-provoking adventure. With ‘’Data Portal: Nature’’, DXB is fostering a sense of connection, inspiration, and reflection. This collaboration represents a commitment to artistic innovation, sustainability, and the willingness to create meaningful moments for passengers.

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