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Ahead of the launch of AAM, JCDecaux’s audience measurement system for the airport industry, JCDecaux Peru deployed sensors to deepen its understanding of Lima’s Jorge Chávez International Airport.


JCDecaux’s Airport Audience Measurement solution leverages both external and internal data sources to quantify how, how many and for how long people move around inside the airport. In this scientific approach, all possible passengers’ journeys are precisely modelled to compute the number of unique passengers, reach, frequency of the advertising message and the total number of viewed impressions delivered by each campaign.

Lima airport


To feed the system with precise and accurate data, JCDecaux Peru lead a sensor-based study with What The Shop, a French company specialized in footfall traffic analysis.
The plug & play sensors were installed at key locations in the airport. The data collected was immediately anonymized following GDPR regulations to respect passengers’ data privacy. At the end of the study, What The Shop provided JCDecaux with factual insights on the passengers’ journeys such as:

  • What are the most used paths
  • How much time passengers spend in each area
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Paths analysis

Even if routes are restricted in airports, passengers can take several paths. What The Shop’s study determined the weight of each entry and exit, allowing JCDecaux to model the most used paths and calculate the exposure to each screen along each path.

Example of analysis
Example of analysis

Time to flight

One of the specific features of the airport environment is the high dwell time. Thanks to What The Shop’s study, JCDecaux Peru was able to precisely quantify how long passengers remain in each area, and to calculate the impact of the dwell time on the number of messages passengers are exposed to.

Technology also has made it possible to identify differences in behavior between international and domestic passengers, resulting in higher final precision.

Example of analysis
We are highly satisfied with the technology provided by What The Shop, which brought higher credibility for advertisers. Ricardo Guerra Marketing Analyst, Central America, Caribbean and Colombia, JCDecaux

More info about What The Shop.

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