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JCDecaux Global Shopper Connections 2 offers insight into the shopping habits of international travellers. The Global Shopper 2 blog series explore the buying patterns for 6 product categories. In this instalment, we delve into the Global Shopper’s purchasing preferences when buying Fragrances.

JCDecaux Global Shopper Connections 2 offers deep insight into the shopping habits of the international traveller across a variety of product categories. In this 2nd instalment, we delve into the purchasing preferences for Global Shoppers and Fragrances.


Fragrances are a favourite purchase for international travellers. In fact, 1 in 3 of our Global Shoppers buys fragrances at least once a month. In terms of buyer behaviour, our study reveals that even though women tend to spend a little more on their fragrances than men, the category is actually equally popular for both shoppers. All in all, fragrance has become the go-to purchase when travelling abroad for people across most age brackets.

Top Fragrance Spenders

The Middle East and Asia

Looking at fragrance shoppers from a geographical point of view, Global Shopper 2 highlights some interesting findings; we see that the keenest buyers of luxury perfume are from the Middle East and Asia. 

50% Global Shoppers from Saudi Arabia buy fragrances every month.
Shoppers from the UAE spend twice the average on fragrances per trip.


Shopping destinations

Airport vs City

Shopping while travelling isn’t just an airport activity. Global Shoppers take advantage of shopping opportunities equally at the airport as in the city. But the key difference is the spending amounts on different categories at the airport versus in the city.

Spend on fragrance is higher at the airport, while spending on other categories such as fashion is higher in the city.

On average, almost 70% of the total budget for fragrances is spent in airport stores. However, shoppers from Saudi Arabia, the UAE and Brazil are likely to spend just as much on perfumes in the city as at the airport. In terms of browsing and buying, Russian travellers are particularly keen, followed by Saudis, Emiratis, Brazilians and the British.
No doubt the duty-free prices and the convenience of having a large choice of brands all under one roof are all great incentives to shop for perfume at the airport.

Favourite countries to buy fragrances

When it comes to their favourite places to shop for fragrances, Global Shoppers like to buy in a variety of countries, with the top choices being USA, France and the UK; countries that often stand out as top shopping destinations.

Personal treats and gifts

Perfume is known to be a popular purchase as a personal treat. But it is especially popular gift choice, with 58% of shoppers buying perfume as presents at the airport and 61% in the city. Many would agree that they even hold off buying new perfume until their trip so as to make the most of the duty-free prices at the airport and the variety of choice abroad.

85% of Brazilian Global Shoppers buy fragrances for themselves.
79% of Global Shoppers from the UAE buy fragrances as presents.

Even though almost all our Global Shoppers like to buy fragrances when travelling abroad, they particularly like to buy them for themselves. Overall, fragrances prove to be one of the highest ranking categories as a personal purchase. Out of our Global Shoppers, Brazilians are found to be the keenest to buy for themselves. By contrast, the biggest gift-givers are the Emiratis, with over 79% buying fragrances as presents for family or friends. This is not surprising when one remembers the importance of gift-giving in the Middle Eastern culture.

Brand Choice and Influence

Shopping is central to the international traveller’s trip planning. When it comes to choosing brands, most have a clear idea of what they want to buy abroad. Crucially, the vast majority are open to influence before making their final brand choice.

63% have a clear idea of the brand they wish to buy when shopping abroad.
83% are open to influence before making a final brand choice while shopping.

These shoppers actively look to advertising as a key source of information. Out of the 67% who notice advertising when abroad, 98% pay special attention to Out-of-Home (OOH) advertising. This receptiveness means that OOH is ideally placed to connect with Global Shoppers in these decisive moments, both at the airport and in the city. Furthermore, advertisers who offer relevant and consistent brand messaging during the traveller’s journey at the airport and in the city can claim a uniquely influential place in the decision-making process of the Global Shopper.
JCDecaux Global Shopper Connections 2, Fragrances

About Global Shopper Connections 2

The Global Shopper Connections 2 study spans 12 countries, looking at the habits and motivations of upscale travellers who regularly shop when they travel abroad. The study covers six key purchasing categories: Fashion, Fragrances, Cosmetics, Shoes/Handbags, Sunglasses/Jewellery/Watches, Electronics.
  • Study carried out online, across 12 countries
  • 200 respondents in each country (The UK, France, Germany, Russia, China, Hong Kong, Japan, South Korea, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Brazil, USA)
  • Global sample of 2,400 respondents
  • Focus on high earners, earning at minimum 1.75 times the country’s median monthly household income
  • Regular international travellers: 58% fly 3 or more times per year
  • Shoppers across a range of product categories (whether at home or abroad)
  • Conducted in collaboration with  m1nd-set, a research company with worldwide recognition and expertise in the areas of international travel and retail

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