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JCDecaux Global Shopper Connections 2 offers insight into the shopping habits of international travellers. The Global Shopper 2 series explore the buying patterns for 6 product categories. In this 3rd instalment, we delve into the Global Shopper’s buying preferences for Cosmetics & Skincare.

Global Shoppers and Cosmetics: a regular purchase by all audiences

Shopping for Cosmetics & Skincare is very popular amongst Global Shoppers. 71% of Global Shoppers buy these types of products at least once every 3 months while in their home country or abroad.
This category is bought by both men and women when shopping abroad with a similar amount spent by both genders.

Millennials spend the most on Cosmetics & Skincare: 16% more per trip than average.

A top category in the Middle East and Asia

Shoppers from the Middle East and Japan are particularly avid buyers of Cosmetics & Skincare with over 8 in 10 being frequent buyers*.

Global Shoppers from the UAE and China spend twice the average per trip.

Shopping at the Airport vs in the City Centre

Global Shoppers like to buy Cosmetics & Skincare while at the airport and when in the city. Furthermore, they tend to split their budget equally across both locations.
Some nationalities such as UK, France, South Korea and Japan tend to spend more of their budget in the Airport. Others like Hong Kong, Saudi Arabia and Brazil, spend more in the city.

Browsing and Gifting

Interestingly, the Airport is a key destination for browsing this category with 75% of all Global Shoppers spending time looking at these products during their trip.
This browsing behaviour may well be as a result of Cosmetics & Skincare being a strong category for gifting, especially by men. Men are more likely than women to buy these products as gifts or as specific requests from their family or friends. Their free time at the airport may be spent finding the particular brands or products they have been asked to buy during their travels possibly because the products are not available in their home country or because the prices are better at the airport.
The majority of women buyers tend to buy Cosmetics & Skincare for themselves although, they too do buy cosmetic products as gifts and on request.

UAE, South Korea, Russia and Saudi Arabia are the top nationalities who buy cosmetics as gifts.

It’s interesting to note that shoppers from the UAE (who are also the highest spenders in this category) are as equally likely to buy Cosmetics & Skincare as gifts as they are to buy for themselves. Emirates and shoppers from Hong Kong are also the most likely to buy specific products on request. Conversely, Global Shoppers from France are amongst the least likely to buy cosmetics as gifts or on request.

The influence of Advertising

Buyers within this category are very aware of advertising at the airport and tend to respond to the advertising they see.

72% of frequent buyers agree that seeing advertising for products available in the airport stores would encourage them to visit the stores.

Even more shoppers would be encouraged to visit by seeing advertising for products that are available exclusively at the airport.

Out-of-Home at decisive moments

The Cosmetics & Skincare category is a popular purchase for all our Global Shoppers when they are travelling abroad. Products in this category are not necessarily expensive, making it an ideal category to capitalise on impulse buying behaviour.
Out-of-Home is the perfect channel to connect repeatedly with Global Shoppers, at all the stages of their trip. Whether for brand-building, drive-to-store or influencing the brand choice at the point of purchase, Out-of-Home allows advertisers to place relevant, localised messaging at key moments of the Global Shopper’s journey.

JCDecaux Global Shopper Connections 2 Infographic: Cosmetics & Skincare


* Frequent Buyers: a purchase at least every 3 months

About Global Shopper Connections 2

The Global Shopper Connections 2 study spans 12 countries, looking at the habits and motivations of upscale travellers who regularly shop when they travel abroad. The study covers six key purchasing categories: Fashion, Fragrances, Cosmetics, Shoes/Handbags, Sunglasses/Jewellery/Watches and Electronics.

  • Study carried out online, across 12 countries.
  • 200 respondents in each country (The UK, France, Germany, Russia, China, Hong Kong, Japan, South Korea, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Brazil, USA)
  • Global sample of 2,400 respondentsFocus on high earners, earning at minimum 1.75 times the country’s median monthly household income
  • Focus on high earners, earning at minimum 1.75 times the country’s median monthly household incomeRegular international travellers: 58% fly 3 or more times per year.
  • Regular international travellers: 58% fly 3 or more times per year
  • Shoppers across a range of product categories (whether at home or abroad)
  • Conducted in collaboration with m1nd-set, a research company with worldwide recognition and expertise in the areas of international travel and retail

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