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From paintings and photographs to graphic design, spanning the entire world and using a variety of formats, JCDecaux regularly provides a showcase for works of art, giving a whole new dimension to outdoor advertising.
The Graphic Design Festival, which is currently taking place in Paris, offers an opportunity to look back at the various operations that JCDecaux has undertaken around the world devoted to art. Whether in Latin America or Europe, featuring paintings or photographs, all of these initiatives share the goal of exhibiting artistic content of a non-commercial nature—usually created by local artists. By turning outdoor into “artdoor”, JCDecaux is helping make art accessible to everyone, demonstrating that the power of outdoor advertising is not solely reserved for advertisers and brands. Here are some of the initiatives: 
By contributing to creative expression in Paris, and for the first time in London and New York, we are bringing art to life in the city and making it accessible to the wider public. By supporting the Graphic Design Festival, JCDecaux, a committed partner of local authorities and citizens, is bringing creativity to the heart of daily life for Parisians, Londoners and New Yorkers, as well as the countless tourists and visitors to these three world-class cities. Albert Asséraf Executive Vice-President Communication and User Innovation at JCDecaux, speaking about the Graphic Design Festival.

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