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Charities and not-for-profit advertisers face a tough challenge, but manage to cleverly create positive associations among their audience and increase recall, raise awareness and ultimately encourage direct donations.  
January Creative Solutions campaign was voted by JCDecaux teams around the world and it was the not-for-profit organisation Caritas. This month we were inspired to have a look at some of the best creative campaigns by charities and not-for-profit organisations in the recent months. These advertisers face a tough challenge but manage to cleverly create positive associations among their audience and increase recall, raise awareness and ultimately encourage direct donations.  

Winner: Caritas, Austria

Advertiser: Caritas Location: Vienna
Duration: 7 weeks, 10/12/2015 – 27/01/2016
Format: transport, street furniture, free-standing panel
Creative Solution: special build with donation slot

Caritas, JCDecaux Austria, donations special build
The charitable organisation Caritas wanted to raise awareness and increase funds for the homeless during the cold months in the city of Vienna. Working with Gewista (JCDecaux Austria) Caritas decided to set up three panels in some of the most crowded areas in the city. The panels were converted into money banks and passers-by could easily make a direct contribution to the cause. This campaign achieved great results due to an accurate reflection of brand identity, thought-out placement of panels and simple and familiar call-to-action.  

Missing People, UK

 Advertiser: Missing People
Location: UK-wide
Duration: 2 weeks, 15/02/2016 - 28/02/2016
Format: digital screens nationwide
Creative Solution: mobile interaction, real-time messaging

JCDecaux’s partner, the charity Missing People ran a dynamic real-time campaign across digital screens in the UK. The charity’s patron and TV personality Stephan Fry appeared in the graphic novel-style creative reflecting the hero status of people who register for the Child Rescue Alert. The campaign encouraged people to text HERO and their post code to register; as more people registered the campaign reacted in real-time with modified messaging for specific locations. This was a fantastic execution that utilised the mass-reach of Out-of-Home to its fullest with an eye-catching, simple and actionable campaign. The campaign was a great success with over 20,000 registrations.

La Trobe University, Australia

 Advertiser: La Trobe University
Location: Melbourne
Duration: 2 weeks, 22/09/2015 – 05/10/2015
Format: transport
Creative Solution: digital interactive screen, motion activation

La Trobe University Parkingson's awareness, JCDecaux Australia, motion activation
La Trobe University wanted to raise awareness of the developments in and the benefits of research of Parkinson’s disease. Working with JCDecaux Australia and J. Walter Thompson La Trobe University wanted to highlight its breakthrough research of this debilitating disease and the therapy to alleviate symptoms; one of which is dancing! “Anne” was a sufferer from Parkinson’s and was featured on 3 digital screens across the city of Melbourne. She invited each passer-by to have a dance with her. After they finished the short dance, Anne would thank them and key information about the disease would appear on the screen. This was a refreshing campaign with a positive and hopeful message and had plenty of people dancing along.

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