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With continuous improvements to materials, regulations, training and group testing, we make every effort to improve the safety of our employees and the users of our products.

The commitment to the health and safety of our employees, end-users and local communities is the result of strong dedication by JCDecaux's management and relies on an approach of continuous innovation.

Constant improvement

Always striving to improve, we focus our research on ergonomic materials that meet regulatory standards and guarantee safety on projects at high elevations for all of our agents. The range of preventative tools used by our employees is made available thanks to consultations, testing and adaptations based on materials on the market. For example, special equipment is used by our assembly teams and those working on flagpoles.

Our policy of internal design also contributes to this goal. As evidence of this, the “PIRL AEQ” rolling ladder system used in the maintenance of bus shelter roofs has been recognised by organisations like CRAMIF (the Île-de-France regional health insurance office) and the French Labour Inspectorate, and was featured in the September 2015 issue of the Travail & Sécurité monthly trade magazine. The next innovation was the three-part footbridge for high displays, coupled with an innovative method of "posting from the ground."

Adapted to the environment

To enable our employees to immediately adapt to the hazards of their work environment, we support them by : 
  •  holding team training sessions in relation to end-users of public spaces.
  •  Imposing mandatory equipment such as high-visibility vests and appropriate signage during installation, display work, and maintenance. Traffic cones and warning triangles are always used to mark construction areas.
  •  Insisting on organisational and management measures: middle managers are present on the ground, working alongside the teams to provide local assistance and individual supervision

Under control

During installation, each piece of street furniture is tested for structural and electrical safety in accordance with the instructions of the Design Department. These tests are repeated periodically over the street furniture's life cycle at a set location by skilled operational teams. 

The strength of teamwork

The three-month “DéfiDEX” Safety Challenge, jointly run by DEXI, the Operations Department and the Health & Safety Department, provides DEXI employees with an opportunity to propose their best “on-the-ground” innovation ideas around themes such as working at heights, ergonomics and risk prevention more generally. Winners are chosen among the many participants and awarded a prize.

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