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Back in 2014, the 27th of February became an historic day for the NGO community worldwide. This international calendar day, now known as “World NGO day,” was inaugurated for the first time internationally.

It is an international day dedicated to recognize, celebrate and honour all non-governmental and nonprofit organizations, and the people behind them that contribute to the society all year around.

This year we wanted to seize this special event as an opportunity to highlight one of the NGOs that JCDecaux supports, since 2014, as part of its Major Causes Support Strategy: Justdiggit, an NGO dedicated to the regreening of Africa.

Our Major Causes Support Strategy

The Group contributes to the United Nations 2030 Agenda through its responsible media approach and the support of Major Causes, by promoting and amplifying the responsible and positive communication of advertisers.

Since its founding, and aware of the power of its media to shape opinions, JCDecaux has been involved in many activities to support major causes such as road safety, protecting the environment, combating disease, helping the disadvantaged and protecting endangered species.  

The Group’s commitment is reflected in the free display of advertising panels, financial support, and the creation of campaigns in partnership with local players (associations, governments, etc.) to raise awareness among citizens and promote solutions to social, societal, and environmental issues.

More locally, in 2021, the entities of 34 Group’s countries set up initiatives to support major causes at the community level. 

Our support to Justdiggit

Since 2014, JCDecaux has been a partner of Justdiggit, an association that works for the revegetation of Africa.  

Justdiggit free campaigns are visible more regularly in 18 African countries. They aim to raise awareness among millions of people and inspire small hold farmers and urban communities to protect and restore ecosystems, using low-tech scalable techniques that economically benefit the farmers through improved crop yields. The campaigns are also recalling that nature-based solutions represent 37% of the response to achieving the objectives of the Paris Agreement signed at the COP 21.

In 2021, our support has resulted in the display of digital messages free of charge in 13 African countries and provision of advertising faces on JCDecaux’s displays in 6 African countries. In Europe, JCDecaux communicated free of charge in 7 countries, across all of France and in 6 capital cities (London, Berlin, Rome, Madrid, Brussels, and Dublin). 

Campaign Justdiggit

A collaboration based on shared values  

As a leader in outdoor advertising, JCDecaux is the privileged meeting point between citizen consumers, brands, and economic players. The capacity of our media to influence comes with a particular responsibility, that of amplifying positive messages, highlighting solutions to societal and environmental challenges, and encouraging behavioural changes so that everyone becomes a stakeholder for positive change.

With a potential audience of more than 850 million people every day worldwide, JCDecaux is convinced of the potential positive impact of outdoor advertising and works to amplify responsible advertising.

Global Awareness Campaigns

If the planet is to cool down in one decade, everyone needs to be in on the change and Justdiggit needs to be visible everywhere: In news, ads, social channels, conversations, and above all in people’s hearts and minds.

Through the power of media and communications we can create awareness and understanding and offer real solutions in the face of climate change.

Justdiggit global online and offline awareness campaigns are developed to promote nature-based solutions and to inspire, unite and empower an entire generation, growing a landscape restoration movement.

Some examples of campaigns that have emerged from our partnership

"Dig In"

A campaign that aims to highlight the solutions that exist to restore the ecosystem.  

This decade is the decade of action, Justdiggit wants us to act with them. This is the key message of this campaign, which calls on all generations, from all over the world, to act together to make a difference by putting the power to act in the hands of the African people.

"If we can warm the earth, we can also cool it down.”

"The greener, the cooler" : a new inspiring campaign

The goals of this campaign are clear: when our eyes are focused on the right place, change is possible and visible, so Justdiggit wants to draw our eyes to the causes that need it.  

The campaign focuses on showing the before and after effects of regreening land in areas considered inhospitable to life, and builds on themes of inclusion by inviting the public to "dig in and spread the word."  

The campaign is launching first in the Netherlands and will launch in the UK, Germany and France in early 2023.

JCDecaux 2022 Sustainable Week

In late September in 2022, JCDecaux hosted a series of interventions and events to make more concrete our ESG Sustainable Strategy, Vision 2030.   

Each of our sponsors was able to defend and explain in depth their goals for the years to come.

We have been proud to receive Wessel Van Eeden, Justdiggit's Global Director of Communication, as a part of our Major Causes initiative.

Find out more about Justdiggit’s mission

Did you know?  Justdiggit is developping a mobile regreening platform that can speed up their impact  

As Justdiggit wants to make impact at scale before 2030, they are developing a digital/mobile regreening platform that aims to disrupt the program-to-program approach and go directly to the farmers without the need for boots on the ground.

This free of data costs platform aims to inspire and activate a potential of 350 million small hold farmers across Sub Sahara Africa. As communication is key to reach those farmers in both rural and urban communities, the partnership with JCDecaux is an essential part for the success of the platform.

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