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As the train pulls into London Waterloo Station, the conductor announces – “Ladies and gentlemen, we are now arriving at our final stop. Welcome to Jurassic World Waterloo”. …This is something new…
Universal, Jurassic World Waterloo, welcome stickers, Jun 2015, JCDecaux UK
For the cinematic release of Universal Pictures’ and Amblin Entertainment’sJurassic World this Friday, JCDecaux UK have done something really special for the commuters at London Waterloo Station. For the first time ever, the entire station has been totally transformed into the legendary Jurassic theme park.

Coming out of the train, all of your senses are immersed into Steven Spielberg’s magnificent world of dinosaurs. Different areas are dedicated to arousing the senses to take you out of the daily routine of your commute. Grab a map from one of the Park Rangers dotted around the station and let’s take a walk through the park!

Static and Digital Media

Arriving at the station, welcome banners and floor stickers are openers to the total domination of London Waterloo station. Moving through the busy peak-hour tunnel “immersion zone”, commuters start to really experience the park through captivating static and digital visuals of dinosaurs and park scenes together with ambient sounds of the prehistoric world all around them.
Universal, Jurassic World Waterloo, banner, Jun 2015, JCDecaux UK

Giant digital screen Motion@Waterloo

Walking off the platforms and out of the tunnels, you find that navigating through the station concourse is a trip in itself. The UK’s largest indoor digital advertising screen Motion@Waterloo is framed by vinyl wraps, stretching the space to a gigantic 53.5m - that’s more than half the length of the Wembley football pitch. You can catch the latest Jurassic World trailer on this massive screen interspersed with live #JurassicWaterloo tweets from fellow commuters.

Audio by Beakle

While waiting for the train, commuters can watch and listen via a smartphone to Jurassic World featurettes being played on the Transvision screens located by the departure boards. On the mezzanine level of the station, you can learn more about dinosaurs through an audio guide that accompanies the special museum gallery. This audio feature of the Jurassic World Waterloo campaign is a media-first and created through the collaboration between JCDecaux and Bartle Bogle Hegarty. The new audio synchronisation technology works by connecting sound content from the digital screens to people’s smartphones via a dedicated URL Beakle link.


Last weekend a teaser campaign put a mysterious metal crate emitting threatening growls in Waterloo’s great hall. This week, 4 of the movies characters appear to have broken out of the crate. The life-size, growling, 3D models of the raptors Blue, Charlie, Delta and Echo and are the centrepiece of the station, inviting people to get close and pose for photos, if they dare.
Universal, Jurassic World, Raptors experiential, London Waterloo, Jun 2015, JCDecaux UK
If you were at the station on Monday 8th June, maybe you also caught a glimpse of the renowned palaeontologist Jack Horner, who was the technical advisor for the Jurassic Park films and was sharing some of his knowledge with the press.
Universal, Jurassic World, Jack Horner, London Waterloo, Jun 2015, JCDecaux UK


Should you wish to take a piece of your Waterloo experience home, a special-build unit has been placed on the concourse where commuters can purchase special edition DVDs and tickets to see the movie at an Odeon cinema.This one-of-a-kind campaign was planned and booked by Mediacom and Kinetic. The result is a perfect collaboration between advertiser agency and media owner that delivers not only a lasting impression for the consumer but also solid results for the brand.

"We wanted to deliver a truly unique outdoor campaign that would bring Jurassic World to life for everyone […] with a truly immersive and one-of-a-kind experience that could be enjoyed by all.”
 Karen Charalambous, Universal Pictures’ UK Marketing Director

“Incorporating Beakle into the mix too provides a powerful new dimension that will deliver a level of engagement never before offered in the Out-of-Home environment.”
Stacey Knight, Director of Futures and Content at JCDecaux

“Optimising activity in real time to reflect box office sales, selling tickets direct from the site and the wealth of digital content we have produced, means we are delivering scale and ROI that make a real difference.”
Dan Wood, Head of Partnerships at MediaCom

  The Park is Open! Come and experience Jurassic World until the 19th June.