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Every month JCDecaux employees vote for their favourite Innovate campaign via our internal social media platform, Bee. For January 2015, Coca-Cola was voted the Winner for their interactive campaign in Australia.

the Campaign

Advertiser: Coca-Cola
City: Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane
Format: Street Furniture

Innovate concept: dispensing, interactive digital screens Coca-Cola and JCDecaux Innovate Australia teamed up to create an Australia-first campaign, transforming digital touchscreen advertising panels into refrigerated, interactive vending machines. Panels across Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane featured touchscreens with a puzzle game. Upon successful completion of the game, pedestrians could share their win on Facebook and Twitter using the hashtag #colouryoursummer and instantly receive a free chilled can of Coke.
Coca-Cola, JCDecaux Australia, vending machine street furniture

Campaign results

  • 300 cans per day were dispensed across 11 sites (5 in Sydney, 3 in Brisbane and 3 in Melbourne), offering convenience by quenching the thirst of pedestrians in the height of Australian summer.
  • The campaign generated approx. 700,000 social media interactions during the 2 and a half weeks of the campaign
Once again Coca-Cola has run yet another successful outdoor advertising campaign; this was a fantastic initiative, which offered both convenience and entertainment. It is one of many unique outdoor Coca-Cola campaigns that have been taking place over the years as a result of their collaboration with JCDecaux.

About JCDecaux Innovate

JCDecaux Innovate creates bespoke outdoor solutions from concept to on-street reality. Our teams worldwide are dedicated to pushing the boundaries and challenging the conventions of Out-of-Home advertising by delivering outstanding and truly memorable campaigns. Last year, we have implemented over 1,600 Innovate campaigns in over 45 countries worldwide. By using JCDecaux Innovate, clients are able to optimise the impact of their Outdoor campaigns and to maximise the engagement with their target audience. Wish to find out more? Get in touch with our JCDecaux Innovate team to find out more information and discover the possibilities!

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