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Streaming content has emerged as a big trend in OOH. Digitisation and new possibilities in data integration have opened doors to creative and contextual executions that transform brands from advertisers into social participants. But what makes live content within OOH unique compared to other media?

OOH. Quintessentially live.

Forms of live streaming and live content vary but can include anything from live sports scores, to live social media feeds to interactive video streaming. This form of live OOH messaging has grown into a highly impactful tool among brands to build a dialogue and engage with their audience in real-life and in real-time.
With live streaming options and increasingly democratic broadcasting capabilities among social media platforms, user generated content is playing an important role within live advertising. Brands choose OOH to broadcast this content because it allows them to build their presence within the daily lives of their audience, while they are out and about.

From advertising to in-the-moment dialogue

Most of us are more connected than ever before, we expect immediate communication and instant gratification. However, the physical experiences are still the ones that we find truly memorable.
The real-life, ubiquitous presence of OOH means it plays a daily role in the lives of urban consumers. By integrating live content in their OOH communication brands move beyond typical advertising goals of raising awareness, amplifying a brand message or even building interaction. Instead, they can start an in-the-moment dialogue with their audience – a more natural, human conversation.

Getting in sync and building trust

OOH is traditionally seen as a relatively inflexible medium. However, digitisation allows brands to be not just reactive, but proactive.
Whether creating educational, informational or entertaining campaigns, live content puts brands and consumers in sync. By displaying content that is tailored to the time, place and mood of the audience, advertisers can demonstrate an understanding of their needs. The feeling of being understood by a brand fosters deeper connections and trust among consumers.

Inclusive user generated content

Live OOH content and user generated content is the perfect match. OOH campaigns are known for delivering exceptional brand building and brand fame. By inviting consumers to share their spotlight on a billboard, campaigns not only build genuine consumer connections but effectively integrate themselves into the lives of their target audience.
Both from the participant’s and the audience’s point of view, seeing real people featured live in a campaign builds brand trust and has the added value of organic social media coverage that can make a campaign go viral.

Ways to go live: data integration

Data integration within OOH can offer effortless, instantaneous updates to match audience needs. Whether it is [moderated] social media feeds, sports scores or current browser search trends, this form of live Dynamic content is all about the brand being helpful and tuned in.

Ways to go live: Live video streaming

Live video goes a step further and connects brands and consumers in way of immersive experience. From video feeds of faraway locations (perfect for tourism brands) to exclusive content (think movie premiers or fashion shows), video can even integrate audience feedback and make them feel like part of the action. This inclusivity will drive strong association and ensure consumer consideration.

The future brand communication

As the younger generations gain more of the market, future consumers will expect more from instantaneous, current, genuine audio-visual brand messaging. With the fast spreading of content-ready digital panels and cost-effective OOH data integration, the platform for truly contextual, in-the-moment campaigns is ready for mass rollout. And campaign effectiveness relies now on the creativity and awareness of consumer needs among advertisers.

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