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Tested for the first time in 2012, Livetouch has expanded and now offers its applications and services in over 30 cities around the world.
A companion to the smartphone or personal tablet, the Livetouch is a digital and interactive street furniture enriching the urban experience by providing free access to pratical information. It represents an opportunity to offer new day-to-day services to the public and to promote e-inclusion. Useful apps are directly available, without needing to search for them on the store or to download them. Users gain access to what they are looking for in less than three clicks, and can then forward the information on their smartphone using a QR code or just by taking a picture.
The user experience is optimized thanks to quality apps designed to be used in public spaces. Content can cover many topics: tourism, news, practical information... Maps are actually the most often used apps. Marion Clavie Marketing Project Manager
Livetouch looks like a large 42-inch or 32-inch tablet. Usually installed on totems or in bus shelters, they are positioned within reach of people with disabilities. The system itself runs on Android. It provides access to a very large number of apps, and can also display websites, Twitter feeds, Instagram accounts...the possibilities are virtually endless and discussed with each partner to cover all usages and demultiply the street furniture potential. 
 A catalogue of apps is available to easily get started. Other applications can of course be added after a qualification period to ensure that the app properly displays, and to adjust it when necessary. Cities can thus promote their local digital ecosystem by giving access to their apps or their partners'.  
The system is secure and directly managed by our teams. Everything can be tailored, and we work together with each partner, from the home screen to the apps themselves. Laurence Gille Livetouch Project Manager

Several cities have chosen to work with local start-ups to create their apps. That's what the City of Paris did in 2016, with the Compost Challenge app, a fun way to teach people how to better recycle their waste. Another initiative, MyVizito, embedded in the interactive screens at Nice Airport, helps tourists plan their ideal visit of the city.

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