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Today, NGOs benefit from more than the mass reach of OOH - new capabilities in interaction and contactless payments deliver captivating messaging and raise funds directly. With health at the forefront of the agenda, here are some of the best campaigns that bring a cause into consideration. 

Charities and OOH: a new offering

The aim of most health charity campaigns is to raise awareness, inform about its research or educate about prevention. These days, with better information and with an aging population, health is at the forefront of the public’s agenda and charities take on the challenge to try change habits and perceptions in the long run. More and more health charities turn to OOH as a cost-effective way to reach a mass-audience while also maximising engagement and interaction. But how do these advertisers make OOH work for them?

Delivering more than broad reach

Health charities campaigns aim to maximise reach but also appeal to the sympathies of an individual, all the while making a complex issue easy to understand. Advertisers have traditionally turned to ambassador, email and direct mail campaigns as these media allow to expand on the issue. However, the audience slowly become immune to the medium and the messaging.
Health charities turn to OOH because it communicates to a diverse mass audience however, today it offers something more. First, developments in OOH delivery allow these advertisers to delve deeper into the issue than before and make the messaging more animated and multifaceted. Secondly, whether through data-integration or contactless payment, new technologies and eye-catching executions allow charities to break the routine, and draw audiences in instead of chasing them.

Engaging on an emotional level

Due to its mass reach, OOH excels at building brands. However, the OOH audience is also exceptionally receptive. OOH allows charities to break people’s routine with eye-catching and creative campaigns, drawing them into a story. Importantly, the real-life interaction within OOH environments creates an emotional connection that is paramount for NGOs when building sustainable and trusting relationships with donors.

Actionable advertising

The evolving technology within OOH offers charities new opportunities for both engaging messaging and actionable brand communication.
  • NFC and contactless payments make it easy for audiences to donate on the spot without sharing their data, which many are reluctant to do.
  • Immersive and multi-sensory experiences offer a different perspective of an issue and deliver unique and compelling messaging.
  • Dynamic and contextual messaging, which adapts live to the environment and the audience, appeal to the individual and bring a cause into one’s consideration.
  • And finally, a good campaign delivers the additional word of mouth and social shares, giving advertisers and chance to integrate their multi-media campaigns for more impactful communication. 
So, whether building awareness, instant fundraising or providing educational content, OOH delivers more audience engagement and memorability than ever before and many health charities are taking this chance to communicate in an unmissable way and be the topic of conversation.
Let's have a look at some exceptional creative executions that caught our eye!

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