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The JCDecaux December Best Creative Solutions campaigns were those where advertisers picked the right moment to captivate their key audience with engaging communication and interactivity. 

Winner: Pretty Shady, JCDecaux Australia

Advertiser: Pretty Shady
Location: Campbell Parade, Bondi Beach, Sydney
Duration: 2 weeks, 01/12/15 – 07/12/15 and 19/1215 – 26/12/15
Format: Roadside, Street Furniture, bus shelter
Creative Solution:  showcase, special build claw machine game, sampling, vinyl wraps

Pretty Shady is a campaign created by Cancer Institute New South Wales to encourage young Australians today to be more informed about the risks of skin cancer and to be the generation that stops the spread of the disease. In collaboration with JCDecaux Australia and UM, Pretty Shady transformed a bus shelter at a key location – Bondi Beach – into a claw machine arcade game filled with tubes of Pretty Shady branded sun screen. The public could play the game and get a free sample for their day at the beach. Australia has the highest rate of skin cancer in the world and spreading awareness and preventative knowledge is the key aim of Cancer Institute NSW. This campaign was effective on multiple fronts; it was engaging and fun, it had a clear message and it directly achieved the aim of preventing cancer by allowing the public to take away the key preventative – sun screen.

1st Runner Up: Unser Stephansdom, Gewista (JCDecaux Austria)

Advertiser: Unser Stephansdom
Location: Stephansplatz, Vienna
Duration: 1 month, 26/11/15 – 23/12/15
Format: Roadside, Street Furniture, free standing panel
Creative Solution: digital screen, special build coin-operated machine

Unsere Stephansdom, Gewista/JCDecaux Austria, digital donations screen, Dec 2015
Unser Stephansdom is a fund that has been supporting the restoration of St Stephen’s Cathedral in Vienna for 28 years. To encourage donations and to raise awareness of the cause at Christmas time, Gewista helped the fund by setting up a custom coin- operated digital panel at the famous Viennese Christmas Market on Stephansplatz. When a coin was dropped into the machine, an engaging fairy tale-like animation was triggered showing the journey of the coin through an old mechanism of cogs and gears. The delighted passers-by were in turn prompted to make more donations to see the sequence again. The campaign directly raised funds and awareness of the cause in a simple and elegant way that reflected the Christmas spirit and the history of the Cathedral.

2nd Runner Up: ABC Family, JCDecaux North America

Advertiser: ABC Family
Location: Boston
Duration: 7 weeks, 01/12/15 – 18/01/16
Format: Roadside, Street Furniture, bus shelter
Creative Solution: Augmented Reality, vinyl wraps

Shadowhunters, ABC Family, JCDecaux NA, Augmented Reality campaign, Dec 2015
For the release of the new series Shadowhunters: The Mortal Instruments in the US, ABC Family and JCDecaux NA decided to give the public a preview of the supernatural world that the series depicts. JCDecaux incorporated Augmented Reality to transform a bus shelter in Boston into a “shadow world”. Passers-by and commuters were frightened by the fictional monsters that suddenly appeared as if just on the other side of the glass. The memorable visuals and vinyl wraps on bus shelters across Boston got the city excited about the much anticipated premiere, if not making them slightly on the lookout for what might be lurking in the shadows…

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