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Louisette Andrieu, the Marketing Project Manager within the International Transport division for JCDecaux Group, discusses in an interview how leading brands and agencies have seized the opportunity in the latest findings on the international consumer journey.

Who has been the first to show interest in the new findings from the Global Shopper 2 study?

We have been delighted about the amount of interest we received from so many of our clients to hear the findings of the Global Shopper 2 study. We found that the first to take the opportunity were leading international retail and luxury brands and the global media agencies. International advertisers are always eager to gain new intelligence to help them better understand their consumers around the world.

How are you able to customise the presentations to different clients?

For each of our meetings, we prepare highly customised presentations with findings relevant to the core business goals of the brand. We include key data from the general Global Shopper 2 report, but also information from relevant category reports. For example, to present to a world-renowned luxury leather goods brand, we used data from the Fashion, Shoes/Handbags/Other Leather Goods category reports. In addition, we combined these findings with detailed data on the profiles of their target audiences globally.
We can provide advertisers with a detailed analysis of relevant shopper profiles, by nationality, product category preferences and favourite shopping environments. This gives brands a clearer understanding of their audience behaviours on a global basis, what they like to buy, where they like to shop and how much they like to spend.

What findings do brands and agencies find particularly interesting?

The Global Shopper 2 contains a wealth of information, and there are findings which are pertinent to all types of brands. Within the study, there is a focus on several key categories, which allows us to deep dive into data relevant to a particular brand.
Another aspect of the study which brands and agencies find especially informative is the consumer journey, which follows the Global Shoppers’ travels from home to the airport, in the city and on the return home. The study highlights the consumers’ decision-making process during this journey and how brands can influence decisions at each of these stages.

What additional breakdown does the study provide on demographics and various consumer profiles?

It comes as no surprise that many brands, especially those within the luxury sector, are interested in detailed insights into the habits and behaviour of Chinese Global Shoppers. But Global Shopper 2 covers twelve nationalities so it offers insights on international shoppers, not only from Asia, but also from the Middle East, Europe and the Americas. This allows brands across all product categories to focus on the markets that interest them in terms of their global footprint and future planning.
In addition, clients are interested in the Millennials’ shopping behaviour. This is a highly valuable shopper group, who tend to shop more often and spend more than older age groups. The study provides insight on where this group prefer to shop for different product categories and how much they spend within each category.

How do these findings help brands and agencies in their media strategies?

Whether for internal strategy conferences, or for everyday media planning, all clients are eager to get new insights on Global Shoppers because they are a highly valuable audience. Our data sheds a brighter light on shopping behaviour and category preferences in different environments when travelling. The study offers a clearer understanding of the benefit of continuous contact with consumers and shows how OOH is a key medium that is present throughout the traveller’s journey, able to reach consumers both at the airport and in the city.
From the findings, brands and agencies can see the value of OOH within the media plan, and can make informed choices with regards to use of OOH environments and most effective messaging. 

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