OOH that breaks the routine

One of the strengths of Out-of-Home (OOH) is that it shares the same environment as its audience. The medium is non-intrusive and non-interruptive, blending perfectly into the urban landscape. At the same time, OOH placement gives brands the opportunity to be unmissable. Brands can create a lasting impression by breaking the routine of the consumers’ daily journey with unique and entertaining messaging, and increase memorability of the brand messaging. But how?

Creating for OOH

Creative teams can take advantage of the visual nature of OOH and let their imagination run wild with inventive, clever and succinct messaging for different formats. However, the best campaigns are not customised to OOH, they are created for OOH.
This month’s pick of our favourite campaigns from the last few weeks, focus on clever campaigns that blend brand identity and OOH formats to create beautifully simple, yet intelligent and affective visual communication.

About JCDecaux Creative Solutions

Creative Solutions is an international division of JCDecaux that brings innovative Out-of-Home (OOH) concepts to on-street reality. Creative Solutions campaigns grab attention and build a dialogue with target audiences.
Whether special builds or Dynamic Content, dedicated teams around the world use the latest technologies to optimise campaigns across all OOH environments.

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