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The UK airport team has developed a specialist knowledge of the business traveller and generated a demand in the advertising market for a deeper understanding of this valuable audience. New findings reveal the frequency of business trips for leisure advertising driving search amongst this audience.
JCDecaux Airport UK launches the third instalment of their Business Traveller research series. The Business Traveller series was the first of it's kind and today it is the longest standing research project for JCDecaux UK Airport. Running since 2011, the study provides insight into the profile and opinions of frequent business travellers.
Airports are a prime environment for B2B advertisers.

Key Findings

  • Despite video communications tools like Skype, 79% of business travellers still believe that face-to-face meetings are irreplaceable. Over 50% of this group have travelled three or more times in the past six months for business purposes.
  • The mantra ‘work hard, play hard’ certainly applies to this group of travellers. Over 80% of them have extended a business trip for leisure; this figure increases to 90% when it comes to the senior level C-suite travellers. Overall these figures provide a positive indicator for the continued growth of the business travel market.

Business Travellers are Tech Savvy

  • While on the move, 93% of our business travellers are app users. The most popular categories of apps used are cloud-based file sharing, which is ideal for work, but also travel, mobile banking and TV on demand.
  • Business travellers are early adopters of technology, with over 50% having Smart TVs and 33% owning devices which connect TVs to the Internet. About a quarter of them own a wearable technology product, which is twice the rate for full-time workers and four times that of the national average.

Business Travellers are Social Media Influencers

  • Aside from making their mark in their respective industries, business travellers are also highly active on social media with the majority of them on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.
  • 56% of C-Suite business travellers have over 250 Twitter followers and 63% of these senior travellers have over 250 LinkedIn connections.

Airport Advertising Drives Business Travellers’ Search

  • These decision makers are attuned to information in their environment. 92% of business travellers said they would respond to an airport advertisement.
  • 53% said they would visit the advertiser’s website while almost half would conduct search online after seeing an ad. As regular users, over a third would make use social media to search or respond to an advertisement they saw in the airport.

Airport Advertising reaches Business Decision Makers like no other

According to the research, advertisers at the airport are seen to be trustworthy, prestigious and important. Business Traveller 3 findings continue to offer compelling reasons for advertisers to establish a strong presence at the airport. Not only does the airport environment provide an uninterrupted reach to travellers, but it is a prime location to engage with technologically savvy passengers and decision makers for whom airports continue to be an important part of their lives. JCDecaux is dedicated to remaining the driving force behind research into business travellers, understanding the continued importance and desirability of this influential audience. For further information or opportunities, please contact JCDecaux UK Airport or email to

Methodology: A sample of 500 business flyers who have travelled through a JCDecaux airport concession in the past 6 months.

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