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We saw some fantastic campaigns in September, from digital to interactive and showcase executions, appearing across a range of formats and environments. Have a browse here, get inspired and discover some of our favourites including the winning Campaign of the Month!  

The Winner: Spain, Rodilla

Advertiser: Rodilla in partnership with Samsung Location: Goya Street, Madrid
Dates: 19/09/2015 – 25/09/2015
Format: Street Furniture
Innovate concept: Digital Interactive Touch Screen, Mobile Interaction

The campaign

Rodilla, the restaurant chain in Spain, teamed up with Samsung and JCDecaux to create a digital interactive Out-of-Home campaign that offered pedestrians a free lunch! A digital 55inch interactive touch screen panel in the centre of Madrid gave a challenge to hungry pedestrians. Rodilla presented them their extensive menu and if the person managed to quickly choose and complete their lunch order in under a minute, the panel displayed a numeric code and a QR code. The winner could then take a picture of the screen with their phone and show it at a Rodilla restaurant nearby to receive their free lunch.

The Results

Rodilla, Samsung and JCDecaux Spain understood their target audience mindset and tapped into their curious and competitive side. After all, who wouldn't like a free lunch? The time-pressure element added to the desire to participate and the freebie element spread the word about the event. The campaign was a great success with over 700 winners among all the interactions. Great campaign that delivered results and that won our Campaign of the Month award for September!


1st Runner-up: Brazil, Hopi Hari

Advertiser: HOPI HARI
Location: Avenue Paulista, São Paulo
Dates: 01/09/2015 – 14/09/2015
Format: Street Furniture (Street Clocks)
Innovate concept: Showcase, Smoke, Special Lighting, Experiential

The campaign

To promote the annual month of terror at the Hopi Hari theme park in Sao Paulo, two street clock locations were transformed into showcases of life-sized zombies. Scary lights and smoke and all. To compliment the spooky atmosphere around these locations, pedestrians and drivers enjoyed seeing additional zombie-costumed park staff moaning and dragging their limbs around the streets nearby, inevitably giving a thoroughly good fright to anyone who came their way. The audience was delighted and the campaign received plenty of mentions on social media.

Hopi Hari, JCDecaux Brazil, September 2015

2nd Runner-up: The Netherlands, La Place Restaurant

Advertiser: La Place
Location: Muntplein, Amsterdam
Dates: 02/09/2015
Format: Street Furniture
Innovate concept: Interactive live streaming

The Campaign

The pizza chain La Place and JCDecaux Netherlands teamed up and created a really tempting offer. JCDecaux equipped a free standing digital panel in Amsterdam with live streaming video from the kitchen of a nearby La Place restaurant. Pedestrians could drool over the freshly-baked, steaming pizzas on the screen OR  they could order their very own, right from where they were standing! They could have a chat with the chef and tell him exactly what pizza they would like and then watch him spin that dough in amazement. Once the pizza was ready, they could just go and pick it up from the restaurant on Kalverstraat, and pass on the compliments to the chef, in person this time.

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