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JCDecaux India recently worked with ITC Foods to launch their Farmlite biscuits at Bangalore airport through a uniquely engaging activity.

The campaign's concept was built upon Farmlite's message of having fun while staying fit. It was delivered in two parts with both containing elements of surprise which left a lasting impression with the passengers.

1. Pedal Power at Luggage Conveyor Belt

Farmlite cleverly made use of passengers' waiting time at the luggage reclaim belt. While passengers were waiting to reclaim their luggage, the conveyor belt stopped unexpectedly, and could only be re-started by pedaling on bicycles hooked up to it. Passengers had to volunteer to pedal to get the belt working again. Everyone was rewarded with packs of Farmlite biscuits arriving on the belt, followed by their luggage.

2. Farm Scene in Arrival Area

In addition, the entire domestic arrival baggage reclaim zone was converted into a farm scene using strategic use of advertising panels.

Farmlite's understanding of the airport environment led it to transform the mundane task of waiting for luggage into an engaging and fun activity with even a bit of a workout! This unique event generated a high number of tweets coming directly from passengers expressing their delight in this memorable campaign.

FMCG Success at the Airport

We often expect to see brands such as fashion, fragrances and motors at airports. But this is a great example of an FMCG brand making clever use of the airport environment to create a lasting impression through unusual engagement and unique sampling initiatives.

Have a look at the video below for this delightful campaign and see other examples where a consumer is challenged to take action in order to receive a reward.


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