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To promote the launch of its yoghurt smoothie range, Yoplait worked with JCDecaux to implement a smart facial recognition campaign in Sydney.

A witty and interactive execution was implemented around Yoplait’s “Fix your Hanger” creative campaign.  When a face was detected in proximity to the advertising panel, a message appeared asking passers-by to “Smile or frown for a free smoothie”.

A vinyl sticker on the floor indicated where they had to stand to participate. The digital panel fed image data from a camera to a machine-learning algorithm that was trained to detect facial orientation and whether the participants were smiling or frowning at the screen. 


A voucher was dispensed with either ‘Keep Smiling’ or ‘Fix your Hanger’ for the partaker to redeem a free smoothie.
With 1,220 interactions and 564 vouchers dispensed, Yoplait created excitement around its new product and used the latest technology to fix cravings for a sweet, healthy treat.