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Since 2004, Berlin’s main shopping street, the Kurfürstendamm, has been lit up by more than 10 million lighting points in the celebration of Christmas. For the last year of its displays, Wall has provided stunning fairytale lights for passers-by to enjoy from 4pm to midnight until 5 January 2019.
In 2002, a consultation began in Berlin on how to make the city’s shopping district - which had not had Christmas lights before - more attractive. In 2004, Wall launched this project, financed by advertising, as no investors came forward.

For the fifteenth year in a row, Christmas nights in Berlin have been illuminated once again thanks to the services provided by Wall, featuring a 15-metre high Santa Claus accompanied by his reindeer, a sail boat, a giant Christmas tree, 570 other trees and the city’s name in lights.
The display is the result of a major team effort over several months:
- In August, graphic designs were created to reflect previous years’ displays, but with the addition of new designs.
- In September, with the agreement of the Charlottenburg-Wilmerdorf district, where the lights and decorations are installed, Wall’s after-sales service partnered with a company that specialises in designing large-scale lighting displays. A team of around 30 people started by installing all the electrical wires and the various decorative elements in the trees and along the avenues: 230 kilometres of Christmas garlands and 50 kilometres of electrical wires are used each year.
To minimise the impact on the environment, renewables account for 100% of the energy consumed and mainly LED lights are used.
- The extent of the project kept the company busy until the day in November, when the lights were ceremonially switched on in the streets around the Kurfürstendamm, during the festive launch event.

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