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It is now widely recognised that digital has become a bigger part of the display out of home advertising industry thanks to the many possibilities that this technology brings, both to the medium and the advertisers. In the UK, digital revenues for Q1 2013 reached as much as £43.1 million, up 21% year on year, accounting for a fifth of total display outdoor revenues. (OMC 2013)  

Display DOOH brings new advertising possibilities, to complement OOH

It has long been established that display OOH is an important part of the media mix. It is well integrated within the consumer journey, offers strategic and adaptable coverage and is designed to fit well in the environment, efficiently reaching mainstream, large audiences around the world. Combined with Innovative solutions, OOH constantly reinvents itself to help increase the impact of a campaign. By placing outside of the box solutions in key locations, the brand or product will stand out even more. DOOH adds a new dimension to the existing, already strong impact of display OOH campaigns by enhancing communication in key locations…


Over the next three days, we will describe and supply concrete examples of the new opportunities brought by DOOH, which contribute to strengthen the added value of display OOH.

  Part I: General benefits of DOOH DOOH is a lever that helps to strengthen certain key solutions already brought by OOH. DOOH helps to intensify the IMPACT of a campaign, by enabling advertisers to ENGAGE in a new way with their audience, thanks to the enhanced FLEXIBILITY made available by the technology. DOOH helps to strengthen the IMPACT of a campaign, by giving the ability to generate dynamic content through movement, enhancing the visibility of the message that is displayed. But because the audience of OOH is always in movement, advertisers have the opportunity to play with digital motion, without having to use the formats traditionally used in TV. Great examples of the use of digital motion are Renault and Volkswagen: both brands strengthened the impact of their campaigns at Paris-CDG airport, by using two very distinct approaches. Renault used fast movements and bright colours to catch the eye of its audience, while Volkswagen teased the passengers by alternating between the image of their latest car hidden under a sheet and the image of the sheet pulling up to reveal the car itself.
  Another significant aspect of DOOH is that it enhances the sense of ENGAGEMENT – It offers many creative solutions that help reinforce the brand’s relationship with its audience. Magnum in Australia offered the possibility to “digitally eat” its new ice-cream, putting the audience in the right state of mind to want to buy an actual ice cream. This type of communication helped Magnum put its new product at the forefront of the audience’s mind.
  Finally, digital adds FLEXIBILITY, by opening a whole new door to creativity. It offers the possibility to change creatives in real time, with an unlimited number of visuals. To advertisers, this means being able to offer powerful content and messages, that are adapted to the time of day, the type of audience, a special event, spontaneous promotions… even to the weather conditions! La Redoute in France took advantage of the weather conditions to suggest to potential consumers, the appropriate clothing to wear. La Redoute was able to show the wide range of products available on sale, making their communication more relevant to the consumers because of the weather conditions.
Stay tuned for more great examples of International advertisers’ dynamic use of DOOH