The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) together with Getty Images have put together a powerful campaign to raise awareness of the importance of ensuring that victims of war or conflict in endangered countries get timely access to health care, even in the midst of violence. JCDecaux OneWorld was proud to be a part of this project, by helping the Red Cross convey its message in Berlin, Paris, Brussels, London, Amsterdam, Warsaw and Madrid. The campaign took place in two waves: The aim of the first wave, which took place in October, was to attract attention in a very forceful manner, by showing posters of severely injured victims in highly dangerous areas of the world, unable to benefit from proper healthcare.




The second wave, which took place in December, unveiled posters of these same people being saved by the Red Cross thanks to the doctors’ and ambulances’ ability to provide the victims with proper and secure healthcare. Measures included giving ambulances and other medical vehicles priority at checkpoints and providing first-aid workers unhindered access to those in need of help, along with proper training and equipment.




The combination of City Light Posters, Bus Shelters, Columns and Metro Station Panels provided the ICRC with enhanced visibility in key European cities, creating a very successful campaign.As has already been mentioned in past articles, JCDecaux has worked on numerous occasions with organisations around the world in order to help good causes. As our company strives to continually develop ever more qualitative advertising solutions, some of our latest developments such as digital displays seem very appropriate for such campaigns, enhancing the "call to action" effect of the medium. The latest example of our collaboration took place in the UK, as Friends of the Earth took over the recently launched JCDecaux Waterloo Motion site in London. Individuals donate £3 to send in their photos. Some of the photos are then displayed on the boards at London Waterloo between the 24th and 29th of March. Everyone whose photo appears on the boards will be texted or emailed to inform them when they will be on display so they can go and see their photos on the giant screen.