OBI is the biggest DIY retailer in Germany and one of their in-store services is a personalised paint-mixing system. Their creative agency Jung von Matt and WallDecaux worked together to develop a great interactive concept, on top of a nation-wide standard advertising coverage.

To promote this personalised paint-mixing system, Jung von Matt and WallDecaux implemented a webcam with a 55 inch digital screen running bespoke software installed into a bus shelter located in one of the most central and busiest locations in Berlin. The #ColourPicker software recognised the colours of the outfit of whoever was standing in front of the panel, and turned them into an individual personalised colour scheme.

After the quick software analysis, people could download their unique colours using a QR Code and got redirected to the nearest OBI store to pick it up.

This Innovate campaign runs in the same vein as a couple of other recent campaigns, where brands did a good job at redirecting their potential customers to a nearby point of sale; have a look at McDonald's and Marks&Spencer.