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Every month JCDecaux employees around the world vote for their favourite Innovate campaign via our internal social media platform, Bee. For May 2015, IGPDecaux and Royal Unibrew's Ceres beer was voted the Winner for their experiential and interactive campaign in Milan.

The campaign


Advertiser: Royal Unibrew, Ceres beer

Location: Milan, Italy

Innovate concept: Special build tram, experiential, sampling

Campaign Dates: 7th May 2015 - 20th May 2015

Popular Danish beer brand Ceres together with IGPDecaux brought music and cheer to the streets of Milan over the course of a 10 day campaign. With the help of the graffiti artist Made514, tram was redesigned into a mobile party with a different special guest DJ headlining each night. Excitement was in the air as the party tram drove around town and stopped at popular night life spots. Delighted passers-by were invited to get on, enjoy the music and have a taste of Ceres beer on the house (or rather tram). With this campaign Ceres successfully demonstrated their understanding of their target audience, creating especially for them a highly appealing atmosphere and bringing them a party in the centre of Milan. This is a great example Out-of-Home's unique strength at reaching a young, mobile audience who are spending an increasing amount of their time outside their house. Party on!
The Party on #CeresTram, JCDecaux Italy Innovate, May 2015

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